From Aspiring Engineer To Barber: Meet Zachariah Mwaura, Nairobi’s Geometric Barber And His Unique Approach To Shaving

Zachariah Mwaura, a talented barber hailing from Meru County, has gained attention for his extraordinary technique of using geometric tools to give haircuts. By employing a protractor and ruler to measure his clients’ heads, Zachariah has captured the interest and curiosity of many.

His precision and attention to detail have made him a standout in the industry, and people are fascinated by his innovative approach to the art of barbering.

Prepare to be amazed by the artistic prowess and precision of Nairobi’s Geometric Barber, a sensation who has garnered attention not only locally but also on an international scale, including a feature by DW.

In this article, WoK delve into the captivating world of this extraordinary barber, whose razor-wielding skills and geometric mastery have elevated the craft to unprecedented heights.

A Change of Career Path

Originally aspiring to become an engineer, Zachariah Mwaura was offered a place at Chuka University to pursue his engineering studies. However, he followed a different path and found himself drawn to geometry during his time at the university. This newfound passion led him to explore how he could incorporate geometric principles into his work as a barber.

Embracing Geometry in the Barbershop

Combining his love for geometry with his burgeoning barbering skills, Zachariah started experimenting with geometric instruments to achieve precise and balanced haircuts.

In 2017, he relocated to Meru Town and began offering his unique shaving services to clients. Initially hesitant to showcase his work on social media, he finally mustered the courage in 2022, and to his delight, people quickly fell in love with his exceptional talent.

Perfecting The Perfect Shave

Zachariah’s approach to shaving is meticulous and tailored to each client’s individual features. Before picking up his geometric instruments, he carefully assesses their face shape and desired hairstyle.

Using tools like a compass and divider, he ensures that every cut is symmetrical and perfectly aligned. His clients are amazed by the precision and quality of his work.

Zachariah Mwaura’s Challenges and Rewards

Although Zachariah faced initial skepticism from some clients who questioned the use of geometric instruments, his passion and expertise quickly won them over.

He acknowledges that shaving with geometry takes more time and may be slightly more expensive than traditional methods. However, the impeccable results speak for themselves, and his clients happily pay for the exceptional experience and outcome.

Embracing Success

Zachariah Mwaura charges between Ksh 3,000 to Khh 5,000 for his geometric haircuts, and his clients couldn’t be happier. His unique approach has gained him a loyal following, and his work has garnered widespread appreciation. Despite the challenges and initial doubts, Zachariah has become a symbol of innovation and creativity in the barbering industry in Kenya and beyond.

Parting shot

Zachariah Mwaura’s journey from aspiring engineer to geometric barber is a testament to his passion and determination. By incorporating geometry into his shaving technique, he has transformed the ordinary act of getting a haircut into an extraordinary experience.

With his precise cuts and exceptional attention to detail, Zachariah continues to redefine the boundaries of barbering in Nairobi.