The Two Brothers Who Founded HASS Petroleum

The number of registered oil and gas companies in Kenya are 60 and counting with the big players being Vivo Energy PLC, Total Energies and Rubis Energy Kenya. Then we have locally owned oil marketing companies like HASS petroleum which has tentacles spread across the East African region. 

WoK brings you the story of the two brothers who founded Hass Petroleum.

The Making of Hass Petroleum

Hass Petroleum was founded in 1997 by two brothers – the late Abdirazak Ali Hassan and Abdinassir Ali Hassan who is the current Chairman.

The duo started the company with a vision of fulfilling customers’ petroleum needs in the most credible, efficient and profitable manner. Hass started off at Kibuye in Kisumu, but the business environment at the time was quite restrictive. 

The company decided to retreat and moved to neighbouring Tanzania and Uganda where they launched the company and built their retail network.

They remained in the two neighboring countries until the early 2000s whereby there was a change in the regime and regulatory restrictions and that’s when the company came back to Kenya as an oil marketing company.

Hass began growing slowly and has spread its wings in every corner of the country. You’re most likely to find Hass petrol stations or products as far as Marsabit, Kilifi and Busia.

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Hass Petroleum Branches

Hass Petroleum has a significant presence in East Africa and the Great Lakes Region. It has its headquarters in Kenya and operates in 9 other countries.

These countries include DRC Congo, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Zambia and the new market which is Somaliland.

The key assets in these countries include major oil terminals, retail station networks and established supply and storage infrastructure.

In Somaliland, where they recently joined the market, Hass Petroleum has over 200 employees.

The company works with big companies in the country including; Somaliland Beverage Industry (SBI) which manufactures coca cola products, DP Worldwide in the Port of Somaliland, Somtel – a telecommunication company and Lis Group – a manufacturing company.

Hass Petroleum Business Categories

Hass petroleum operates in three petroleum business lines which include;


Hass petroleum provides petroleum products that meet global standards and ensures that the services meet and exceed customer expectations in distribution, storage, development and retailing. The types of fuels available at Hass gas stations include; Premium Motor Spirit (Super), Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) and Illuminating Kerosene (IK).


Hass Petroleum offers the best quality lubricant solutions for their clients in different ranges including; automotive lubricants, Industrial lubricants, Greases and Specialty lubricants.

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Hass Petroleum provides quality, reliable and safe LPG products such as gas cylinders through its brand Hassle-free gas that is available in all Hass Petrol stations and specific retail stores spread out across the country.

Hass Petroleum Leadership and Employees

Hass Petroleum is managed by Abdinasir Ali Hassan who is the Chairman of the company and lives in the United Arab Emirates and London.

At the helm of its leadership is 36 year old Mohamud Salat who is the Chief Executive Officer of the company that has employed over 1,700 people across East and Central Africa.

Salat joined Hass Petroleum in 2013 as the head of Internal audit. He worked in the position for 4 years before being appointed the Chief Finance Officer whereby he served until 2019 when he was appointed to lead the company as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Executive board of the company consists of 7 people namely; Abdinasir Hussein as the Chairman, Mohamud Salat as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abdusalam Mohamed as the Chief Financial Officer, Solomon Osundwa who is the Group Chief Operating Officer and Abdullahi Hassan who holds the position of the Chief Accountant.

Hass Petroleum Partners

On 6th June 2017, Hass petroleum limited sold 40 percent of its shares to Oman Trading International (OTI) in a move aimed at seeing Hass Petroleum embark on its strategic growth and expanding its subsidiaries across the Eastern, Central and Horn of Africa.

“I am delighted to conclude this transaction with OTI. I am convinced that this partnership is a major step in ensuring Hass’ continued competitiveness across the region and I am confident that with OTI we can achieve our mutual long term growth aspirations,” Abdinasir Ali Hassan Chairman and Founder of Hass Petroleum during the official signing and merger day.