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Thee Pluto: I Make Upto Ksh9 Million Per Year, YouTuber Reveals Income

In the recent past, content creator Robert Ndegwa, alias Thee Pluto has been facing fraud accusations on social media platforms.

With the unending accusations, the YouTuber has come out to clear his name from the claims by explaining the source of his money.

For instance, on Tuesday, March 7, The Pluto shared a screen grab showing his revenue from YouTube where he publishes most of his content.

The screen grab of his YouTube earning dashboard showed that he made over Ksh 9 million in a span of one year; 365 days.

“It’s not my wish to share a screenshot of my YouTube earnings today, having it in mind that I am a businessman and I do a lot of things,” Thee Pluto captioned.

He added; “For a few months, I have been branded as a scammer, and people questioned my source of wealth. I lost all my brand endorsements because of a simple lie. I thank God I invested. Sometimes before you judge, ask.”

With 789 videos, Thee Pluto Show YouTube channel boasts over 735,000 subscribers and over 170 million total views.

Quitting social media

The revelation by Thee Pluto was followed by a hint that he might be quitting social media over overwhelming criticism.

In a YouTube interview with his girlfriend, Felicity Shiru, he shared that he sometimes feels like social media is no longer for him.

“I share this because my time on socials is almost coming to an end. Let’s enjoy the few months left,” he said.

Rise to the top

Before joining JKUAT, The Pluto took up a job as an untrained teacher.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the content creator said;

“When I finished my KCSE, I immediately started teaching a secondary school. That is Mathematics and History.”

Things took a turn for the worse when he impregnated his baby mama, a fellow student at JKUAT, and had to defer his studies and look for ways to make money.

He started buying and selling clothes before getting a job at a company known as Vskit. He earned Ksh 5,000 which increased to Ksh 15,000.

To augment his pay, he started investing investing in Bitcoin, Forex and his cereal business.

In 2019, he joined Instagram where he boasts hundreds of thousands of followers. He began sharing his love for fashion on his page, beginning with official wear.

He gained many followers in the process and came to be identified as a fashion designer. He also diversified his looks from official to casual. 

The 22-year-old then began a YouTube Channel together with his now ex-girlfriend, Felicity Shiru. They shared viral content with their fans before going their separate ways, but reconciled later.

Thee Pluto then began doing loyalty test videos, which have become very famous on YouTube.

YouTubers who do such tests are referred to as sanitizers as they are believed to sanitize relationships. They show whether or not partners are faithful to each other.