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Top teaching jobs outside Kenya And Expected Salary

Being a teacher in Kenya is no walk in the park. Pay has always been a big issue over the years and it doesn’t look like it will end any day soon.

As a result, some teachers might be tempted to move abroad in search of greener pastures. While teaching jobs abroad offer competitive salaries, one of the biggest attractions is incentives such as subsidized accommodation, and travel tickets back home once or twice a year.

Some of the highest teaching jobs include:

  1. Teaching in the UAE with edvectus

Teaching in the UAE is a golden goose for teaching professionals. Edvectus employs primary, middle school, high school teachers in international educational institutions in the UAE.

Salaries range between Sh200, 000 and Sh500, 000 per month.

The salaries depend on the teacher’s level of expertise, subjects taught, and experience.

Teachers also receive perks such as furnished housing, paid utilities, gratuity, and paid yearly flights back home.


  1. Teaching in the UAE with SABIS

SABIS is another organization that offers great salaries and perks for teachers who are willing and qualified to teach in the UAE.

SABS offers some of the best paying jobs for English teachers.

The salary range depends on the teacher’s experience, and whether a teacher possesses any additional expertise in the field.

The salary ranges between Sh300, 000 and sh640, 000 per month.

Perks include free visas and flights for you and your family.


  1. Teaching in Saudi Arabia with Teach Away

Teach Away employs qualified ESL instructors and teachers of all levels of education for schools in the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah.

Teachers earn between Sh340, 000 and Sh400, 000 per month.

Additional incentives include accommodation, round fare trip for the teachers, spouses and up to two dependents, as well as health insurance.


  1. Teaching English in Japan with Amity Corporation

For teachers who love kids and teaching English, this is a perfect career opportunity.

Teachers are expected to commit at least one year, earning approximately Sh240,000 as the basic salary.

If a teacher does more classes, they earn more money.

Teachers enjoy subsidized accommodation, and occasional travel allowances.

Even if one does not have teaching experience, Amity offers one week of training before dispatching you to the institution.


  1. Teaching English with Travelbud in South Korea

Teaching abroad in South Korea is a popular choice, because of the salaries and benefits on offer.

Travelbud recruits teachers all year round. Teachers earn up to Sh230, 000 per month. They also enjoy free accommodation, free flights, and end of contract severance pay.

While one does not need to have teaching experience, they should at least have a bachelor’s degree in any field, and TEFL certification.

If a potential recruit does not have TEFL certification, Travelbud will provide it.


  1. Teaching in China with Teaching Nomad

With its vast size and huge population, China continues to attract teachers.

Teaching Nomad offers positions for subject teachers, ESL teachers, principals, college, counselors, and other professions in the education sector.

ESL teachers earn up to Sh280, 000. Subject teachers can earn upto Sh500, 000 a month.