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Ken Okoth: Projects He Initiated And Bills He Sponsored

Hugely popular Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth, died on Friday at the Nairobi Hospital after a long battle with Colon cancer.

According to his brother, Imran Okoth, the MP was admitted at the hospital on Thursday, after his condition worsened. Immediately upon admission, Okoth was put on life support.

The legislator, 41, had earlier this year revealed that he had been diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer.

He later travelled to Europe, where he stayed for five months receiving treatment.

Before his cancer diagnosis, Okoth had been suffering from symptoms of ulcers, and sometimes for bacterial infections. He even had been under medication for stress related symptoms.

By the time his doctors realized that his medical condition was worsening, his colon cancer had already advanced to stage four.

Colorectal cancer develops from the colon or rectum. It is also known as bowel cancer, or colon cancer.

The disease’s symptoms depend on the location and size of the condition. Some of its symptoms include changes in stool consistency, changes in bowel habits, abdominal pain, and blood in the stool.

4 projects that Ken Okoth managed to complete in Kibra

  1. Kibra music festival

After jetting back to the country after his treatment in Europe, Okoth attended the Kibra Music Festival at Moi’s Girls High School.

At the event, Okoth was joined by several leaders, including Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja.

In what was to be his last appearance in public, Okoth entertained those who were present, singing Rich Mavoko’s song, “Roho Yangu.”


  1. Rehabilitation of Kibera Primary School

The late Kibra MP was passionate about education.

With this passion, he initiated the rehabilitation of Kibera Primary School. After the completion of the project, the school was officially opened by Swedish ambassador Johan Borgstrom on November 13th, 2015.

The project was funded by the Kibra Constituency Development Fund.

Rapper Octpizzo was also at the opening.


  1. Mbagathi High School

Commissioned on February 28, 2019, the Mbagathi building led to many supporters to send congratulations to the MP. On Twitter, the law-maker revealed that the project only cost Sh48.2 million.


Okoth’s fight for the legalization of marijuana

Okoth once wrote to the speaker of the National Assembly, Justin Muturi, to petition for the legalization of marijuana in Kenya.

In the letter, dated September 21, 2018, Okoth said that the proposed bill “seeks to ensure that there is regulation for growth and safe use of marijuana and hemp.”

Okoth’s bill also sought for the registration of growers, producers, manufactures, and users, with the aim of protecting minors from the illicit use marijuana.

Okoth was a firm believer that the legalization of marijuana in the country would boost the economy, and create job opportunities.





The late MP initiated huge development projects in Kibra