Traders Given Green Light To Import 1.5 Million Metric Tons Of Duty Free Maize, Rice


The government will allow traders and millers to import 1.5 million metric tons of duty free maize and rice.

Starting February, through to August 2023, millers and traders will import up to 600,000 metric tons of rice and 900,000 metric tons of white maize.

According to State Department for Crop Development Principal Secretary Kello Harsama, the waiver is open for maize and rice imported into the country by August 6, 2023.

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“An Import Duty Waiver will be granted for millers and traders to import a total of 900,000 metric tons of white maize grain and 600,000 metric tons of milled rice from February 2023 to August 2023 to enable the Country have adequate stocks to last until next harvest from July- August 2023,” Harsama said.

The moisture content for the white maize should not be more than 13.5 percent while aflatoxins should not exceed ten parts per billion.

For rice, it should be grade one, dry, clean, wholesome and uniform in size, color and shape.

“Shall be free from abnormal flavours, musty, sour or other undesirable odour, obnoxious smell and discoloration and also shall be free from micro-organisms and substances originating from micro-organisms, fungi or other poisonous substances in amounts that may constitute a hazard to human health,” the PS added.

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