Vanish Moraa: How Entrepreneur Grew Successful Tour Company With Ksh100K Capital, Now Makes Upto Ksh500K Monthly

By Prudence Minayo

Vanish Moraa is the founder of Mohrale Tours and Travel. The Eldoret based company offers clients various tour and travel packages. The company was born out of Mohra’s love for traveling and has grown to attract a good number of clients. Their major challenge was the Covid-19 pandemic which greatly restricted traveling. 

Here is her entrepreneurial journey as told by WoK.

Love for Travel 

The entrepreneur loved traveling and seeing new places and experiences. It was this love for traveling that made her desire to start a tours and travels company while she was still an undergraduate at Moi University. Along with other travel lovers, they wanted to encourage the culture of touring new places and turning the dream of local tourists into a reality. 

Founding Mohrale

In 2018, she started mapping out plans for the company, which would target people from the North Rift Region. 

Lucky for her, the business was not capital intensive. She used her savings and managed to raise Sh100,000 which enabled her rent an office and register the company. The company began operations and has been in business for five years. 

“I had some savings and was able to raise about Sh100,000 as starting capital to set up an office and register the business. Thankfully, the nature of the business didn’t need so much capital being a service industry so the amount was enough to get us started,” she told the Daily Nation.

Other services offered by her company include air ticketing services, group tours, holiday packages and corporate team-building packages. She has also increased her staff to include a marketing team, tour consultants, team building facilitators and drivers. 

The company offers clients the chance to explore multiplr destinations within and outside the country. Their major focus, however, is on local destinations, with their services including: holiday packages, group tours, corporate team building services, and air ticketing. 

To grow the brand, the entrepreneur has invested heavily on social media marketing. She credits Instagram and Facebook marketing for playing a big role in the growth of the brand. People have been attracted to them through posting destinations, deals and packages online. Referrals from satisfied clients has also been able to bring them more business. 

In the future, Vanish Moraa hopes to grow the brand into a big name and purchase enough vans to cater for their clients. At the moment, she relies on rentals when booking group tours. Mohra also hopes to be able to build capacity in order to offer international packages in the future. 

The company currently makes about Sh500,000 a month with a good amount going towards utility bills and salaries.