Wangeci wa Kariuki: I Was Married On Our First Date, Ex-Kameme TV Presenter On Career, Finding Success In Business And Marriage

By Prudence Minayo

When the demands of juggling between work, business and family became too much, Wangeci wa Kariuki quit her job at Kameme TV. Instead, she chose to focus her time on her business, which had previously been a side hustle. She got the right documentation from the Kenya Bureau of Standards and officially started Fechi Products. This is a company that deals with skin and hair products. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.

Career journey 

Before becoming the highly successful TV presenter, Wangeci wa Kariuki was an employee at Keroche Breweries. She admired the CEO, Tabitha Karanja, who was a very tough woman. She left the company due to her love for the media. 

Prior to joining Kameme FM, she was employed at Royal Media Services where she worked with Citizen TV and as a presenter for both Radio Citizen and Inooro FM.

At Kameme, she was morning show host and presented the midday program. She hosted the Rikiratha show for six years. During her exit from the station, she said that it had been very instrumental in her journalism career. 

“No matter how good a dancer is, they must know when to leave the stage with honour. My time has come to do so at the Rikiratha show and the curtains fall for six years of pure greatness, laughter, dance, encouragement,  learning, and preaching but I will be back bigger and better for God’s glory,” she said. 


The celebrated presenter ventured into business during the pandemic. The journalist started with selling wallets and bags before venturing to clothes. Thereafter, the beauty business came along and she decided to stick with it.

Shortly after her exit to focus on the business, she announced her return to the station.

Personal life 

The media personality revealed that she got married on her first date. Wangeci wa Kariuki said that she met the person while in form three and lied she was in form four. After KCSE that year, he traveled to Nyahururu but she wasn’t there. They did not talk for a while until they met again through a mutual friend after she had cleared form four. She went to his house for a date and that was how they got married.

“When I met him, I was in form three but I lied to him that I was in form four. After KCSE that year, he travelled to Nyahururu to come pick me in school, but I wasn’t there,” she said in a YouTube channel.

“By then I was already done with high school. I got married on my first date after form four. I went to his house and he locked the door for me not to leave. That was the fifth day after form four,” she added. The couple later went their separate ways. 

During the feature, she also revealed that she lost her mother while in form two. This hurt her, hence, the cyberbullying she has faced is nothing compared to that.