Zeinab Serbia: Tana River County First Lady Who Also Serves As Local Chief

As the First Lady of Tana River County, Zeinab Serbia could have easily rested on her laurels and lead a life of luxury filled with all kinds of perks.

However, despite husband, Governor Dhadho Godhana winning the county’s top seat, she maintained her job as the Chief of Mororo location.

Despite the demands of her high-profile position, Serbia has remained committed to serving the people, working tirelessly to improve the lives of those around her.

Here is her story as told by WoK.


By the time Dhadho Godhana was announced the winner of the Tana River gubernatorial seat, Serbia was already serving as a national government administrator.

As expected, she could have ditched her job to assume her new role as the county’s First Lady but she decided to balance the two roles.

In a recent interview with Citizen TV, she explained that she applied for the administrative job because of her desire to bring change to her community.

Serbia who is also into business explained that with the roles, she is able to run different programmes for the youth in the county.

Of the two, she mentioned that the role of a chief is more demanding as she has to engage community leaders more often.

“”I cover a vast area and that takes for attention than my work as the First Lady. From Friday to Sunday, I work as a First Lady and the rest of the days I am here as a chief,” Serbia said during the interview.

Serbia insisted that she wants to make a difference and uplifting the lives of youths in her county now that she has access to the requisite resources.

“My aim is to ensure that all children go back to school as some work while others have been consumed by drug abuse,” she explained her intentions.

She also mentioned that Governor Godhana has been supportive, and he advises her when there is need.

“The biggest problem is that in our community, many people view that a woman cannot help you so it becomes difficult when you go to the crowd to work. I try my best to show them that we can also make it

“My husband was in the security sector and, therefore, the work I do compliments his work as the Governor. He really supports me and I thank him for that,” Serbia said.

Godhana retained his seat as Tana River Governor after beating former Governor Hussein Dado and Dr Nuhu Nassir in a highly competitive race.

The gubernatorial race was neck and neck with Godhana winning by 349 votes.

He garnered 26,982  votes while Dado of UDA got 26,633 followed closely by Nuhu Nassir of UPIA who bagged 24,101 votes.