Brian Muriu: Co-Founder Of Unique Payment Platform Helping Youths Manage Finances Better

Brian Muriu and Alistair Gould PHOTO/We Tech Africa

Brian Muriu and Alistair Gould are the founders of Tulix, a payment platform helping Kenyans send money, budget and manage finances better.

Users are able to share money on the app with their friends and family for specific needs without losing visibility over how and where money is used.

The platform also enables users from anywhere across the world to instantly pay a business in Kenya using mobile money.

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Here is their story as told by WoK.


Muriu founded the company alongside Gould in January 2021 after securing funding from a start-up accelerator programme, Antler.

In August 2021, the platform welcomed its first users as part of the alpha stage.

This initial stage lasted three months and was followed by the beta stage that took place between October 2021 and October 2022.

In an interview with Business Daily, Muriu noted that they established the platform to help young African youths to manage their finances better.

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He said they are targeting young people who are keen on bettering and understanding their finances.

“People share money every day for different reasons; from supporting their families at home to purchasing food and household goods to medical and education expenses

“Our solution allows you to manage all these different spending needs from just one mobile app,” he said.

While on the app, users have an option of opening multiple wallets dubbed, jars, which help users budget effectively, increase visibility and easily manage funds.

A jar is a place where account holders set aside money for specific uses, whether for personal use or others.

With these wallets, it is easy for users to closely monitor their spending habits and ensure that they spend their funds wisely.

“The app helps you build the necessary financial discipline needed to achieve long–term financial goals. Your overall budget and spending are housed in one space,” Muriu adds.

Merchant jars, to be launched later, will be great for recurring expenses that users can tie to specific service providers and Goal Jars will allow users to set aside funds for long-term goals until they are ready to use them.

“We are proud to have created an empowering and smart app that helps people to build healthier relationships with their money

“We are driven by the desire to provide solutions to our users everywhere, thereby ensuring their continued progress towards financial prosperity,” Gould said.

Tulix works with Ndovu, a savings and investments platform and iPay to hold customer deposits.

iPay, a licensed payment partner is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya insurance, and is authorised to receive and hold customer funds.

“Together with these regulated 3rd parties, we’ve built in the necessary safeguards in place to guarantee the safety of your funds at all times,” Muriu said.

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