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Andrew Kibe Says He Rejects Finance Bill After Pressure From Generation Z Protesters

Andrew Kibe
Andrew Kibe has thrown his full support for the fight against the Finance Bill and promised to participate in the upcoming street protest. Photo: Andrew Kibe.

Controversial content creator Andrew Kibe has changed his tune and announced he is rejecting the Finance Bill.

Kibe taking to X platform, said Generation Z had opened his eyes as he was lost but now he has been found.

The content creator revealed that he was earlier sceptical of supporting the fight against the Finance Bill due to fear of arrest and harassment from the government.

Kibe promised to participate in the upcoming street protest to show solidarity with Generation Z and other Kenyans.

“Better late than never, tupatane streets Tuesday,” Kibe said.

Andrew Kibe had faced criticism and social media attacks from netizens for his vocal support of the government and the bill.

Netizens had called for him to be cancelled and boycotting of his upcoming projects.

Kibe is a Kenyan media personality who had stints at NRG radio and later on Kiss FM as a radio presenter before he relocated to the United States of America.

He is loved and loathed in almost equal measure courtesy of his bluntness when it comes to airing his views.

A photo of Andrew Kibe holding a bible in the company of motivational speaker Robert Burale and two other unidentified men, got social media users wondering if he was a pastor in the past.

In an interview with Dr. King’ori, Kibe said he wasn’t a pastor though he was headed in that route.

The no-holds-barred Kibe said that he could never lie enough to become a pastor, but if he did, he could have been one of the best pastors in the country.

Through his previous talks, it is clear that Andrew is always a supporter of the boy child.