Stephen Mburu: How I Became Murang’a Deputy Governor At 29

At the age of 29, Stephen Mburu Munania has achieved a feat most people can only dream of. The Masinde Muliro University alumnus is the current deputy governor of Murang’a County.

This is his journey as told by WoK:

Student leader

Mburu’s leadership journey began during his student days at Masinde Muliro University where he pursued an undergraduate degree in Disaster Management and International Diplomacy. He joined the institution in 2011 and graduated in 2015.

At one time, the university introduced a double intake program, where first-year students who had joined in 2011 had to wait for those who sat for KCSE behind them so they could all proceed to the second year together.

Naturally, the situation caused turmoil as the first years felt disfranchised. That was when Mburu became their voice and started lobbying for their complaints. He even tried vying as a student leader but was unsuccessful.

Public service

After graduating in 2015, Mburu, who hails from Karega Village in Gatanga, hustled for a while until the government announced vacancies for public service positions in April 2019.

He applied and was shortlisted as an assistant county commissioner cadet, a position previously held by a District Officer in formative administrations.

However, it was still an entry-level position where he was being trained in matters concerning public service. That was when his interest in political governance began.

“I began to look for ways I could help my community,” Mwaura told Citizen TV in an interview.

At that time, he was under the mentorship of then Murang’a county deputy commissioner Mawira Mungania.

After serving for 1 and a half years, Mburu left the position in 2021 and ventured back to his community to look for ways he could help them. That same year, he completed his master’s degree.


In the wake of the looming 2022 general elections, he decided to venture into politics and run for the MCA seat in Kariara ward under the UDA banner.

However, he was eliminated during the nominations, emerging second of four candidates. That was in January 2021.

In June, Dr. Irungu Kang’ata officially announced he would be vying for the Murang’a county and appointed Dr. Winfred Maina as his deputy and running mate.

However, Maina was later disqualified because she had not resigned from her previous job within set timelines as per IEBC rules.

It was then that Mwaura was invited to be Kang’ata’s running mate.

“I received a call to be Kangata’s deputy even though he did not know me on a personal level. We had only interacted a few times during my stint as assistant commissioner, when I would be called to take photographs of him and other dignitaries. I still don’t know how he spotted me to be his deputy governor. It is the grace of God,” said Mwaura, whose father is a cleric of the Anglican church.

According to him, being a deputy governor at such a young age is overwhelming considering the sense of responsibility on his shoulders. However, he is confident in Kang’ata’s leadership.

Away from politics

Despite his achievements, Mwaura, who is the second born of three siblings, is a devout bachelor and hopes to remain one for a few more years.

His hobbies include reading and writing short fictional stories. His favorite meal is Githeri.