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Anerlisa Muigai Dedicates Her Life To Christ, Says She Has Found Peace

Entrepreneur and social media personality Anerlisa Muigai is now a saved woman, joining the list of celebrities who have given their lives to Christ.

The business mogul shared the news on her Instagram stories, expressing gratitude for her newfound peace and contentment.

“So glad to have given my life to Christ, My life is so much at peace,'” the Nero Water CEO shared in a short video of her cruising around in her car donned in a black outfit.

The Keroche heiress did not disclose when she made the life-altering decision, or what prompted her to embark on her faith journey.

Anerlisa also intimated that the move has prompted a purge of things that may have led her astray. She implied that she may have cut off close allies and chose to remain with a handful of her supporters in her new journey.

“The people I have chosen in my life are everything I have ever wanted. God is the only way. You come first,” she stated.

Anerlisa has a staggering following of 1 million on Instagram, but she only follows 10 people which could indicate her new approach to relationships, especially with her friends.

Those she follows include musician Tanasha Dona, fashion-preneurs Haentel Wanjiru and Lola Hannigan, journalist Lynn Ngugi and reggae legend Nazizi Hirji.

Anerlisa made headlines one month ago after her Whatsapp chats were leaked by who she alleged was a close friend, revealing her plans to raise Kshs 1.2 million for her fiancee’s bail money.

She had hinted at her transformation, posting less online with the occasional inspirational quotes and videos. She once shared a clip where a man explained his definition of success as doing what God wishes one to do irrespective of circumstances at hand, which could have signalled her spiritual awakening.

She joins the likes of Marini CEO Mitchelle Ntalami, who also announced that she got saved recently, sharing a powerful testimony about her spiritual awakening and renewed faith in Jesus Christ.