Bernard Musyoki: 35 Year Kenyan Crying For Justice After Being Denied A Visa To Be With His 70 Year Old American Wife

Bernard Musyoki: 35 Year Kenyan Crying For Justice After Being Denied A Visa To Be His 70 Year Old American Wife
Bernard Musyoki and his wife Deborah Jan Spicer Image/Courtesy

By Isaac Blessings

Age is just a number when it comes to two adults who are in love. Bernard Musyoki is testimony to this when he fell in love and married Deborah Jan Spicer, an American who is older than his mother. In an exclusive interview with WoK, the 35 year old told this writer that he met the love of his life on Facebook back in 2017. 

 “I sent her a friend request, after a week, I asked her to marry me and she accepted. We even exchanged vows inbox,” Musyoki recalled.

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Keeping in touch

The two were in constant communication until 2018 when Deborah asked him to visit her but unfortunately he was denied Visa by the US embassy. Bernard never gave up and in April 2020 he applied for a visa for the second time but was denied again. They badly craved to see each other and that’s when Deborah decided to make the bold decision to travel to Kenya.  On December 29th 2020, Deborah jetted into the country and the two traveled to Kitui where Bernard lives. They then jointly agreed to stay pure and avoid s*x until when they officially tie the knot.

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Sleeping in separate rooms

“We  used to sleep in two separate rooms and we had someone in the house to keep us accountable,” Musyoki told WoK. 

At first, people thought it was a joke when he broke the news to them. They only began believing him when he traveled to his home village of Mwingi to introduce Deborah to his entire family. Musyoki explains that initially, his mother wasn’t happy with his decision but she later accepted and welcomed her.

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On 2nd February 2021, the two officially got married in a short ceremony held at Sheria house, Nairobi. His roommate and a cyber café operator he met in town were the witnesses who signed their marriage certificate. The two later lived together for four months before Deborah left for Michigan, United States because his Kenyan visa was just about to expire.

Paying his bills

Musyoki told this writer that Deborah has been an instrumental pillar in his life. He said that he used to work for a Christian NGO in Kitui but unfortunately lost his job in April 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic struck the country. Since then, Deborah has been religiously and consistently paying his bills, buying him food and she even went an extra mile and sent him money to buy a car.

Musyoki maintains that he is genuinely in love with her and is not after the money. 

“Age is nothing but a number. If you love someone, follow your heart. True love knows no age. I truly love her and would like to get the opportunity to live with her. We would want to spend the rest of our lives together,” he said.

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US Embassy will hopefully give issue him with a Visa

Deborah recently underwent a heart surgery and he tried applying for a visa once again to no avail. Musyoki said that he would really love to be on the side of his wife during these tough times since she lives alone. He hasn’t yet lost hope and he believes that the US Embassy will one day understand and issue him a visa so that he can finally reunite with his dear wife.

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