Best Chicken Kienyeji Joints In Nairobi

By Isaac Blessings

Nairobians are moving away from broiler to kienyeji chicken which is considered healthier and tastier. With the rise of many restaurants having broiler chickens on their menu, it might prove to be a hard task identifying the joints serving the best grilled, dry or wet fry chicken kienyeji. 

Worry no more because in this article WoK takes a look at the best chicken kienyeji restaurants in Nairobi.

Hagon Restaurant

While Hagon is primed as a fish and seafood joint, their kuku kienyeji is out of this world too. Customers orders are weighed and priced accordingly before being prepared to their specifications. Orders can also be delivered to clients doorsteps via delivery apps or you can make arrangements with the restaurant. 

The restaurant is located in Garden Estate off Thika Superhighway, just after Roasters Inn. 

Hagon Restaurant Contacts: 0722 789576

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Amaica the Restaurant

Amaica the Restaurant is arguably one of the best joints to find an authentic and well-prepared chicken kienyeji. The restaurant primarily focuses on serving African cuisines which are prepared by the highly qualified chefs and served by the charming and ever-smiling waitresses who are kind and welcoming. The chicken kienyeji is served with either ugali, chapati or rice and comes with sides of African vegetables such as managu and kunde. If you’re a lover of authentic African chicken kienyeji then you should definitely check out this restaurant.


It is located off Peponi road in Nairobi city.

The restaurant is open every day of the week from 9.00am to 11.00pm.

Kaikos Restaurant

Kaikos restaurant is highly rated for its mouthwatering kienyeji chicken. The Kienyeji chicken special comes in different sizes and is served with sides of either chips, plantain, chapati, egg or ugali. The restaurant is also the pioneer of the now famous ‘Kuku Mutungo’ – a mix of chips, kuku kienyeji, boiled eggs, arrow roots and salad which includes tomatoes and cucumbers. For the sides you can either choose to have the Mutungo with chips, ugali or kachumbari. The food is served in a good quantity so be sure to visit this restaurant accompanied by your friends.


It is located along Ngong road, Bishop Magua Center, Nairobi.

Call 0723847942 for any reservations.

K’osewe Ronalo Foods

K’osewe Ronalo Foods has a rich history when it comes to serving traditional African cuisines. You can never go wrong when you order your chicken kienyeji accompanied with sides of ugali or chapati. The restaurant has captivating interior decors and the ambiance is quite breath-taking making it even a more interesting place to enjoy your chicken kienyeji. If you are looking for a place to get chicken kienyeji while you’re in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD), then this restaurant should be at the top of your list.


It is located in the city Center, along Kimathi Street, Nairobi.

It is open every day from 6.30 am to 10.00pm.

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Kienyeji’s Store

Kienyeji’s store was first established in 2014 and it is famous among individuals who love and enjoy African delicacies. This restaurant offers the best smoked Kienyeji chicken that will leave you salivating and craving for more. It is situated in a serene environment where you can sit down and have a chat with your friends, colleagues or family. The kienyeji chicken is accompanied with traditional vegetables such as kunde, sagaa, terere and mrenda. If you love your chicken kienyeji accompanied by authentic traditional veggies then I totally recommend this place.


It is located at Mall 66, Ring Road, Kilimani Nairobi.

The place is open every day from 9.30am to 11.00pm.

Call 0723749967 for any inquiries.

KK Restaurant

KK Restaurant is a famous joint among the youths of Nairobi who are looking for the cheapest chicken kienyeji in town. The chicken kienyeji is served alongside a bowl of chicken kienyeji soup that is said to be the best soup in the whole of Nairobi. To accompany the meal, you can either choose ugali, rice or chapati according to your preferences and taste. The hospitality team is amazing and the prices are unbelievably well priced. If you’re wondering where to get the affordable chicken kienyeji in Nairobi then this is the place you should definitely be.


It is located on the ground floor of Bruce House, Standard Street, Nairobi.

The restaurant is open every day of the week from 9.00am to 11.30pm.

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Le Palanka restaurant

Le Palanka restaurant is a popular joint among the middle and working class Nairobians who are looking for the best chicken kienyeji. The place is situated in a cool and serene environment with amazing ambiance and comfortable dining areas. The restaurant offers both dry and wet fry chicken kienyeji that is prepared by the highly-trained chefs and eventually served by the welcoming and amazing hospitality team. The meal is either served with Rice, sweet potato chips, green salad, ugali or pounded yams. The prices are affordable and they have ample parking and security so that you wouldn’t have to worry about anything while enjoying your chicken kienyeji.


It is located along James Gichuru road, Nairobi.

Call 0711444440 for reservations.

Nyama Mama Restaurant

This is another awesome restaurant where you can get the best and authentic chicken kienyeji in Nairobi. It is a fun and lively place to be so if you are an outgoing person who loves socializing then this is your place. The chicken kienyeji is served alongside ugali, chapati, rice or chips according to the client’s tastes and preferences. If you are a chicken kienyeji lover then you should definitely add this restaurant to your bucket list.


It is located along Waiyaki way at the Delta Towers in Westlands, Nairobi.

It is open 7.00 am to 11.00pm from Mondays to Thursdays, 8.00am to 4.00pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 9.00am to 11.00pm on Sundays.

Kings Premier Inn

Kings Premier Inn restaurant is one of the new restaurants in Nairobi metropolis offering the best chicken kienyeji at affordable rates. This restaurant is situated in a relaxing and cool environment where you can peacefully enjoy your chicken kienyeji either grilled dry or wet fry. The place has enough parking space as well as tight security so you don’t have to worry when visiting the premises. If you love calm and peaceful places then this is the place you should definitely check out.


It is located in Mlolongo, along Mombasa road, Nairobi.

It is open every day from 8.00am to 12.00am.

Hotel Nomad

Hotel Nomad is a popular joint among many Nairobians who flock to the premises especially during weekends to enjoy the amazing grilled chicken kienyeji. This place offers the best chicken kienyeji at pocket-friendly prices thus attracting a lot of people who occasionally visit the place. If you’re a guy who loves crowds then you should go there during weekends but if you are a calm and collected kind of a guy then weekdays are your days.


It is located in the outskirts of Nairobi.

Chepchikoni Delicacies

Chepchikoni delicacies closes for us the list of best chicken kienyeji restaurants in Nairobi. The restaurant which was established in 2019 offers the best wet fried chicken kienyeji in Nairobi. The meal is served alongside ugali, chips, plantains or chapati according to the desires of the client. This is one of the restaurants in Nairobi where you can get a well-prepared chicken kienyeji at a relatively cheaper and affordable price. This is one place that I totally recommend if you love tasty and high-quality food.


It is located along Lumumba Drive, Nairobi.

Call 0718840419 for any enquiries