Bhavnish Chandaria: The Guardian Bank Executive Director Successful Property Business In The UK

Bhavnish Chandaria: The Guardian Bank Executive Director Successful Property Business In The UK
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Establishing a successful business outside the borders of your country is no walk in the park. This limitation did not stop the founders of One Point Six Limited Bhavnish Chandaria and Yadav Jani from establishing a successful business in the United Kingdom.

WoK brings you the story of Bhavnish Chandaria, one of the co-founders of the company and also an executive director of their family owned Guardian Bank.

Early Life

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Bhavnish Chandaria is the son of the late billionaire Maganlal Motichand Devraj Chandaria. He attended the prestigious University of Manchester in the United Kingdom where he graduated with a degree in finance. He began his career journey in 2005 working at DMC Group – a family owned real estate firm that mainly focuses in the construction of residential homes. After gaining enough knowledge and learning the basics of real estate, he decided to go alone and establish his own firm, hence the birth of One Point Six limited.

One Point Six Limited

One Point Six Limited is a London-based real estate company that focuses on creating the most prized residences for the most discerning buyers. While speaking during an exclusive interview with, Bhavnish revealed that he partnered with his childhood friend to establish One Point Six Limited.

One Point Six is a progressive property development partnership started by Yadav Jani and myself in 2017. We have known each other since childhood and always got on fantastically well. After working together on a project, we decided to combine our joint expertise and experiences together as property entrepreneurs to create spectacular residences driven by our belief in the golden ratio,” he explained.

Its development projects are spread across prime locations in the United Kingdom including at 49-51 street, 3 Cadogan Gardens, 2 Observatory gardens and Wellington Court. One of its most ambitious projects is the 45 Eaton Square located at London’s premier garden square that was developed at a cost of over Ksh 1.1 billion. The company also designed the offices of Victoria Commercial Bank situated within the vicinity of Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi.

Other activities

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Apart from being the founder of One Point Six Limited, he serves as the Executive Director of his family’s Kenya-based company, the DMC Group. He also serves as Executive Director at Guardian Bank Limited which owns the Guardian Bank – a commercial bank that was founded by his father, licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. According to an article published by Nation, the family of the late Maganlal Motinchand Chandaria founded E3 Energy in 2004 but they have since relinquished majority ownership to a Dubai-registered firm by the same name.

“In 2019, the Chandaria family sold 85 percent of the company to E3 Energy DMCC. E3 Energy Dubai now owns 1.1 million shares in the Kenya-registered E3 Energy. The family held the shares through Global Petroleum Products Kenya Limited,” read part of the article.

However, some of the family members – Hetul and Bhavnish Chandaria maintained a minority stake each owning 50 shares in the energy company.

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