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Careen Asamba: How I Turned Wheat Allergy Into A Thriving Food Business

Careen Asamba, a 35-year-old entrepreneur, has become a local sensation by introducing a unique line of gluten-free flour products crafted from a variety of locally sourced food crops.

Her venture, born out of personal necessity and a desire to help others, has not only revolutionized the local market but also become a beacon of hope for individuals struggling with gluten-related health issues.

Asamba’s journey began in 2017 when she found herself grappling with autoimmune disorders and severe complications arising from gluten-related allergies triggered by traditional wheat-made flour products.

“I am personally affected by gluten-related allergies, and whenever I consume food products made from regular wheat flour, I suffer from severe health complications,” Asamba reveals.

Faced with the challenge of finding affordable and accessible gluten-free alternatives, Asamba embarked on a mission to create her own.

Motivated by her own struggles and the exorbitant costs of imported gluten-free products, she delved into extensive online research to find innovative ways to produce gluten-free flour from locally available resources.

In 2019, armed with newfound knowledge and unwavering determination, Asamba officially launched her gluten-free venture.

“When I began this business, there was already a significant market gap, so I encountered minimal difficulties entering the market,” she notes. “

Her products, ranging from bread, cakes, and cookies to butter and jam, are all meticulously crafted from locally sourced bananas, cassava, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, arrowroots, and other tubers.

The production process involves careful sourcing of raw materials from small-scale Kenyan farmers, followed by peeling, chopping, solar drying, and grinding, resulting in high-quality gluten-free flour.

Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and oats, often poses health challenges, especially for individuals with gluten-related disorders like celiac disease and allergies.

Asamba’s gluten-free alternatives provide a much-needed solution, allowing people to enjoy staple foods without compromising their health.

Her products have quickly gained popularity, particularly among those who, like Asamba herself, suffer from gluten-related health complications.

The demand for Asamba’s gluten-free products has surged, a testament to their quality and the significant market gap she has filled.

However, meeting this demand has become a challenge, prompting Asamba to call for investors to support her in expanding her business.

With the necessary resources, she can not only scale her operations but also create employment opportunities and contribute significantly to the local economy.