Ex-AG Githu Muigai In Court Over 16 Apartments He Bought While In Office

Former Attorney General Githu Muigai PHOTO/COURTESY

It has now emerged that Former Attorney-General Githu Muigai bought 16 apartments in Ngong Road, Nairobi County.

Business Daily reported that the former chief government legal advisor bought the apartments through a proxy while still in office.

It is, however, said that Muigai acquired the apartments through a botched auction deal and he is now seeking a refund of KSh 100 million.

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The former AG filed a suit demanded the aforementioned amount of money from a bank that auctioned the properties two years ago.

Muigai said he conducted 16 bids for the apartments through a proxy named Koome Kiragu.

Years after the auction, the former AG now wants to terminate the auction deal, saying the bank has not provided the documents for ownership of the homes.

However, the bank argued that Muigai was offered the ownership documents – original title deed and leases on September 29, 2020.

“The bank can not be blamed if the plaintiff has not taken possession of the apartments

“The plaintiff understands the process of taking over possession of the units it purchased and should use the legal options available to it to take the apartments,” says the bank.

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Before Muigai acquired the property, it was at the center of a court case where the tenants opposed the auctions, arguing they had bought the property from the developer.

However, the High Court dismissed the suit, setting the stage for the bank to auction the apartments to Prof Githu.

“Due to the bank’s inability to deliver clean title for the properties and possession to Fairlake Estates Ltd, the auction sales stand rescinded by the conduct of the bank,” the former AG said through his advocate, Mohammed Nyaoga.

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