Kennedy Murimi: The 33 Year Who Founded Successful Real Estate Company After Being Conned Sh300,000 In Land Deal

Kennedy Murimi: The 33 Year Denver Group Ltd Founder Who Started Real Estate Company After Being Conned Kshs300,000 In Land Deal
Denver Group Ltd Founder And MD Kennedy Murimi Photo/Courtesy

Denver Group Limited is arguably one of the best real estate companies in Kenya. The foundation of the company is built around integrity, professionalism and innovation. These tenets are held dear by the founder Kennedy Murimi who lost a substantial amount of money to fraudulent land brokers. 

Here is the interesting story of Kennedy Murimi and how he founded Denver Group as told by WoK. 


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Kennedy was born in Meru county but raised in different towns across the country because of his father’s nature of work. He is the last born in a family of five children. Of his siblings, he was the most curious and at one point made a unique tin car that made him popular with other children. His journey to the business world started when he was very young. He would plant carrots in their garden and sell the harvest to locals. This entrepreneurial zeal continued after he had sat for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination. He started selling fruits in Nyeri under the stewardship of his sister’s friend. 


The Denver Group MD was a student at Kagumo High School. After his O-levels, he joined Kenyatta University (KU) where he graduated with a finance degree. 

Career Path 

In his fourth year at KU, Kennedy landed a job with a real estate company. It is here that he honed his skills in what he does today. Using his salary and savings, he bought half an acre in Narok that was being sold for ksh600,000 and paid a downpayment of Ksh300,000. It was only later that Kennedy and other land buyers were informed that the land they had bought was fraudulently sold to them. This turned out to be the eureka moment for the budding entrepreneur. He vowed to start his own company that would uphold the highest standards of integrity and no land buyer would go through the same experience. 

He told the Standard of this defining moment in his life:

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“I bought half an acre of land in Narok County for Sh600,000 in 2014. I paid a deposit of Sh. 300,000 without doing due diligence since I trusted the seller fully. Later, when I decided to fence the property, I was informed that the land was fraudulently sold to me and the person was not the real owner”, he told the publication. 

“I took in the Sh 300,000 loss, and learned that it is important to do thorough due diligence before investing on a property, and also involve stakeholders who understand the investment being made” he added. 

Denver Group Limited

The KU alumni made good his vow and started Denver Group Ltd. Using his savings, he bought parcels of land in Ruiru and opened his office in Kasarani. He acted as the receptionist, driver and marketer because he was not in a position to hire workers. To pay his office rent, Kennedy took up online writing gigs. It took him eight months to sell his first plot. From the proceeds of the sale, he bought one and half acres in Malaa. 

Speaking to the Standard, Kennedy stated that his greatest milestone was setting up Denver Group.

Moving To Kamulu

The 33 year old moved to Kamulu where the headquarters of Denver Group Limited are located. From a small office in Kasarani, the company now occupies an entire floor. They are now dominant players in the real estate business in Kamulu, Joska and Malaa. 

Diaspora Market

Having anchored its business model on transparency and accountability, Denver Group has become one of the most trusted real estate companies by Kenyans living in the diaspora. All their plots have documentation and clients are taken through the legal processes. 

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