Family Members Who Are Pilots At Kenya Airways (KQ)

In recent years we have witnessed a number of renowned Kenyan pilots who have mentored their children to join this lucrative career. This has been a trend especially on the national carrier Kenya Airways (KQ) where parents in this profession pass the baton to their children.

In this article, WoK has compiled a list of Kenyan pilots who have mentored their children to join the career. We have also included spouses.

Captain Joe Mutungi and Captain Irene Koki Mutungi

Captain Joe Mutungi was a commercial pilot flying the KQ in the early 90s. His daughter Irene Koki Mutungi developed a passion for aviation from the age of five years. She would enjoy observing her father prepare for flights and this made her join the industry too.

After completing her high school in 1992, Koki enrolled in a flight school at Wilson Airport while aged 17 years.

She obtained her private pilot’s license and later moved to Oklahoma City where she was awarded the Commercial pilot’s license by the Federal Aviation Authority.

She later returned to the country in 1995 and secured a job with Kenya Airways thus becoming the first and only female pilot in the country for six years.

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Captain Paul Mwangi and Captain Emma Mwangi

Captain Paul Mwangi is a renowned Kenyan pilot who has been working with the KQ for over 29 years.

His daughter Emma Mwangi followed his footsteps to pursue the career and in 2019, the duo became the first father-daughter pilot team in the history of the national carrier.

Emma’s love for aircrafts began in 2003 after she cleared high school and saw off her father who flew Kenya’s maiden flight to Bangkok, Thailand. 10 years later, the two flew a 300 passenger plane from Nairobi to Thailand with Paul being the pilot and Emma the co-pilot.

Captain Constant Oteri and Captain Anita Oteri

On 1st April 2022 Captain Constant Oteri retired from commercial flying after over 29,000 hours in the sky. According to the statement released by Kenya Airways, Oteri together with her daughter Anita have worked for the airline for many years.

Anita first studied Finance at the United States International University (USIU) before changing to follow her Dad’s footsteps in the pilot career. She joined Kenya Airways in May 2019 and currently works as First officer for E jet.

Captain Peter Maranga and Captain Emmanuel Maranga

Captain Peter Maranga is a retired pilot who worked for KQ for 30 years from 1989 to 2020. His son Emmanuel Maranga followed his father’s footsteps to join the career and before his father retired, the two flew a KQ flight together.

Emmanuel is currently a First Officer on the airline’s B787 fleet and is expected to be upgraded into a pilot before the end of the year.

After Captain Peter retired on June 21st 2020, Kenya Airways changed the call sign of the last aircraft he flew from KQ 2319 to Maranga 2319 to honor him.

Captain Ronald Karauri and Captain Ruth Karauri

Captain Ronald Karauri worked for KQ for more than ten years and was the Secretary General of Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA). During his time at the national carrier he co-piloted and piloted the Boeing 737. He met his wife Captain Ruth Karauri during KQ’s training conducted in Addis Ababa.

Ronald later left the career to join the business world where he is among the top shareholders of the popular Sportpesa betting company. Ruth on the other hand continued with her career as a pilot for the KQ.

She recently hit the headlines after majestically landing a passenger plane amidst a storm at the Heathrow international airport in London, United Kingdom.