Flora Mulatya: Kenya High Principal Who Never Sent Needy Students Home

Flora Mulatya, a renowned principal with exceptional records has landed a lucrative position in Australia. She is set to represent Kenya in education matters as an attachee. The award winning tutor has been a principal of Kenya High School in a period spanning 7 years where she set and raised the bar high in academics and discipline. An elated Mulatya spoke to one of the leading digital publications on her new role.

Time has come when I should be serving my country in a different capacity and I’m very happy for that opportunity.  I’m yet to move to Australia because there are processes that I must still take part in,” she said in a past interview.

Brief Biography 

The 53 year old was born and raised in Kibwezi. Her father who was the sole breadwinner of the family worked at the Makindu Meteorological Department and remained committed to ensure she achieved the dream of education.

Mulatya went to Moi University for a Bachelors of Education degree. She graduated in 1991 and was employed one year later as a CRE teacher.

A Leader With An Illustrious Career 

Mulatya has been a teacher for exactly three decades and her rise to principal status was meteoric. She began her career as a teacher at Kitise Secondary School in 1992 and was promoted to the deputy principal four years later.

In 1999, she moved to Good Shepherd Girls as a principal and served the school for 6 years before she moved to Mbooni Girls in 2005. Her next station would be Machakos Girls where she arrived in 2009.

She found Machakos Girls with a mean of 7.9 but Mulatya guided the institution into attaining a steady positive deviation in mean score. In the 2012 KCSE, the school achieved a mean of 9.2 points which earned Mulatya the Machakos County principal of the year award. She emerged fourth nationally.

Kenya High School 

Mulatya joined Kenya High School in 2015 where she has proved to be a principal with a midas touch. In her 7 year stint, Kenya High School has consistently been an academic giant nationally. Mulatya is described as a motherly tutor who freely associates with students.

I relate with my girls as a mother-to-daughter so that they can open up and tell you what is in them and through that you guide them. They also become free to work and consult freely,” she says.

Mulatya  is an empathetic principal with a heart of gold. She explains how she did  her best to look for sponsors to pay school fees for students from humble backgrounds.

“I look for people to pay school fees for these girls without even informing them. I don’t believe in sending students home,” she told Switch TV in a 2021 interview.

Top Achievers

In the 2020 KCSE exam, she guided Kenya High School to attaining a mean of 10.46 points. The following year, the academic giants came second nationally with a mean of 10.42 points.

The school had 64 students score a mean grade of ‘A’ plain while 130 scored A minuses. Kenya High School had a substantial share of the best students nationally with 6 of its candidates appearing in top 15 nationally.

Due to Mulatya’s contributions in the education sector, she was awarded an Order of Grand Warrior in 2018 by former president Uhuru Kenyatta. President William Ruto awarded her with the Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS).