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Fred Mogaka: Illustrious Career Of Kisii School Principal Who Wears School Uniform, Leads School SDA Choir

Kisii School principal Fred Mogaka is a man whose name is synonymous with success.

His midas touch was evident in Riokindo Boys, where he transformed the sleeping academic giant back to its glory days. 

Here is his story as told by WoK

Fred Mogaka at Riokindo Boys

This was one of the best in Kisii county in the 1990s. Its fortune changed as it stuttered for 10 years disappearing among the top performers in the region. 

The leadership of Fred Mogaka changed all that. In 2017, the institution roared back to life by emerging the best school in Kisii and took position 36 nationally. Out of the 117 students, 109 got direct university entry.  

Fred Mogaka the Mathematics teacher

To lead by example, the school principal spent most of his time in the classroom imparting knowledge to his students. This was a departure from most school heads who are hardly, if ever, in the classroom. 

In 2018, Riokindo had a mean score of 7.5. Out of the 195 registered candidates-168 got a direct university entry. 

Working closely with the school board of directors, the principal left an indelible mark in the institution and a tradition of excellence. 

Joining Kisii School 

His transformative agenda has seen Kisii High school become one of the best institutions in the country. Since he took over, the institution has consistently recorded exemplary performance. 

When the 2022 KCSE exams results were announced, Kisii High was top again. Out of the 527 registered candidates, 22 scored A (Plain). 

“We have 93 A-(minus), 117 B+ (plus), 123 B, 75 B-(minus), 70 C+(plus), 20 C, 5 C-(minus) and, 2 D. Which translates to a mean grade of 9.12 representing 95% pass,” the elated principal shared. 

Leading SDA Kisii School choir

His tradition of wearing the school uniform has made him gel with his students. He is actively involved with the school choir as the lead vocalist. Their videos have enviable viewership on YouTube. 

Their song, Walivuka (Yahweh Jina Lake), which was uploaded on YouTube on Oct 6, 2023 has over 460,000 views. 

Safari hit over 20,000 views on the first day it was uploaded on YouTube. The official school channel has over 9,000 subscribers.


He was awarded the Order of the Grand Warrior (O.G.W) by former President Uhuru Kenyatta. The awarded is presented to individuals in recognition of an outstanding service rendered to the country in different capacities.