Fredrick Macharia: Nairobi Technical Graduate Making Up To Ksh 100K Per Month Hawking Porridge

Fredrick Macharia graduated from the Nairobi Technical Training Institute in 2018 with hopes of getting a job.

However, he tarmacked for a while looking for a job but without any success.

With no hopes of securing a job, Macharia opted to do menial jobs and later decided to start his business.

Today, thanks to his determination, the young man makes over Ksh 100,000 from hawking porridge. Here is his story as told by WoK.


Macharia graduated with a certificate in Food and Beverages.  He entered the job market with gusto but he was not lucky to secure one.

As such, Macharia started doing menial jobs including working at a construction site for six months.

It was when he was working at the construction site when he got the idea of making and hawking porridge.

“Whenever we were working at a site, people would come with flasks and food dishes to sell breakfast and lunch to us

“I found the idea of doing the same to be appealing because the money I was getting as a mjengo guy was never enough to cover rent and buy food,” he said.

Porridge business 

Macharia joined hands with his foster sister and relocated to Nakuru where they decided to venture into the business.

The two started with selling the normal porridge which is made using flour, sugar and water before they discovered a new gem, ‘super uji’.

“After some time, we discovered another type of porridge that was becoming very popular in the market. It was made of organic ingredients such as yams, Sorghum, ground nuts, milk, bananas, simsim, stinging nettles and omena

“We pooled our resources and raised Sh7,000 to purchase a blender then borrowed a further Sh3,000 to buy the ingredients,” Macharia explained.

With the ‘super uji’, the two got permanent clients who would place orders and even refer their porridge to new clients.

“That is how we grew to where we are right now. We have competition from other porridge makers, but somehow our customers stick with us and even refer others to our uji,” he added.

After a while in the business, the two incorporated a mutual who came onboard as a partner.

They also hired three employees who help them sell the porridge in offices and other establishments within Nakuru.


Macharia and his team sell their porridge from Ksh 70 to Ksh 100 per bowl depending on the ingredients used.

On a good day, they make up to Ksh 5,000.

“I am happy that people are slowly realising the importance of going back to traditional food such as yams, sorghum and the ingredients we use to make the porridge

“These foods are very nutritious will help keep lifestyle diseases away,” Macharia said.