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Friends School Kamusinga Principal, Challenges, Notable Alumni And Performance 

The current Principal of Friends School Kamusinga is Mr Alex Maina Kariuki. Before joining this academic powerhouse in Bungoma county, Mr Maina held the same position at Oloolaiser high school.  His leadership style has been unorthodox and a talking point in the country. The principal wears the school uniform from Monday to Friday. One of the reasons he gives why he wears the uniform is so that the students can identify with him and “get to their level and be reachable in case they have a need because the uniform puts people on the same bar.”


Mr Alex Maina Kariuki
Mr Alex Maina Kariuki Wears School Uniform Like His Students Image/Courtesy

It was rather unfortunate when Bungoma county MCAs with the blessings of the county Governor Wycliffe Wangamati frogmarched the FSK principal out of office when he joined the institution in January 2018. Making good his threat to evict Mr Maina, the county governor stated that the principal past performances on his previous post was wanting. Even after the attempted manoeuvrings of the local leadership, the principal managed to survive the attempted coup and remains firmly at the driving seat of the school. 

Friends School Kamusinga Principal, Challenges, Notable Alumni And Performance 
Mr Alex Maina Kariuki

Notable alumni

Some of the big names who passed through this institution include Christopher John Kirubi, Moses Wetangula, Mubarak Muyika, Kenneth Lusaka, Cleopa Kilonzo Mailu, Kakai Kissinger and Henry Chakava. 

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In the 2019 KCSE examination, FSK had a mean score of 9.1608. Out of the 286 students who sat for the examination, 259 managed to attain the minimum entry grade to university. This translates to 91 percent transition to university. 

In summary, nine students scored A plains, 62 A-minus, 76 B plus, 50 B plain, 38 B- and 24 C+. 

2020 saw a marked improvement after the institution mean grade rose to 9.6153. 13 A plain, 85 A minus, 82 B plus, 57 B, 57 B-, 17 C plus, 7 C plain, 3 C-, 1 D+. A total of 199 sat for KCSE that year.

The school performance has even been better in the 2021 national examination.


Sports powerful

Friends School Kamusinga Principal, Challenges, Notable Alumni And Performance 
FSK Hockey Player In Action Image/Standard

FSK was dreaded in sports. The school had one of the best hockey time that dominated the game from 2000 and 2009 under their able coach Mr Simon Nabukwesi. The school continues to post impressive results both in hockey and other sports.