Geoffrey Bigo: Fired From Job After Road Accident, Now Running Successful Real Estate Company

Geoffrey Bigo Ngunjiri is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Properties 360, a fast-growing real estate company headquartered at the Rossyln Riviera Mall in Runda. The company specialises in the renting and sale of land and houses.

The entrepreneur is an alumnus of the United States International University (USIU) where he studied Business, Accounting, Administration and marketing. He boasts experience in marketing, sales, partnerships, negotiations and contracts, administration, accounting, and digital marketing.

Speaking to WoK on Thursday, September 29, 2022, Bigo revealed that he got into the world of real estate development and management as a matter of interest, hobby and fun Job.

“Let’s say am well aware of the Real estate market, land market, property sale, lease and rentals, properties market and investments. I have practised real estate for the last 2 plus years in depth, width, and length in the city and in the country.

Geoffrey Bigo: From Layoff Due To Injury To Establishing Successful Real Estate Company
Properties 360 CEO Geoffrey Bigo. |Courtesy| File|

“For now, as the name suggests Properties 360 we are round we deal with properties on sale, lease, renting and buying from houses, offices, land and commercial space,” he stated.

Just like the founding of several other companies from around the world, Bigo revealed that he founded Properties 360 in one of the lowest moments of his life. He lost his job at UberEats during the Covid-19 pandemic due to an accident that left him with multiple fractures on his right leg and knee.

After the layoff, he embarked on the idea of founding his own company and officially founded Properties 360. He has served as the company’s managing director and CEO since November 2020.

Properties 360 is currently among the fastest-growing and trusted Real Estate agents in Kenya.

“We rent and sale land, apartments, villas, maisonettes and Bungalows, office space, commercial space and retail space all these we do as an agent,” Bigo says.

Properties 360 has made property hunt easier for clients by leveraging social media and digital marketing platforms. The company is visible on Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms.

“We are in the Tech era where everything has to be done digitally and that’s where properties come in where we make it easier by using online platforms and search engines,” Bigo explains.

“Properties 360 has been received well in the market by the digital generation that use social media as their source of information and solution,” he adds.

Geoffrey Bigo: From Layoff Due To Injury To Establishing Successful Real Estate Company
A property advertised by Properties 360. |Courtesy| File|

During the interview, Bigo explains that he drew inspiration to venture into the real estate market due to the fact that he wanted to provide a solution to the digital generation by a click on social media platforms.

“Our target is to showcase properties to property enthusiasts and property buyers. We are keen to communicate the different properties on sale and rent in detail and in wholistic so that clients can be able to discover the properties that they have been looking for,” Bigo states.

“You can find our service online, from social media on all social media platforms, Instagram Facebook, linked, and Twitter,” he adds.

Bigo notes that social media marketing is an emerging trend across all sectors and markets. Therefore, he purposes to convince developers that they must have social media pages for their estates.

“They have bought the idea and we are glad to say that we are managing these accounts including prestigious estates in Runda,” he divulges.

Prior to successfully founding and operating his business, Bigo served in various companies at a number of capacities.

Geoffrey Bigo: From Layoff Due To Injury To Establishing Successful Real Estate Company
A property advertised by Properties 360. |Courtesy| File|

Between January 2016 and December 2017, he was a sales and operations officer at Socompare where he was responsible for the sourcing of cars for sale on the website from car yards, car resellers and car importers in Kenya. He was also tasked with presenting, promoting and selling the cars by being a brand champion.

He joined UberEats in January 2018 as a Restaurant Partnership Representative and served until his exit in August 2019. He was responsible for bringing on new restaurants that fit the UberEats partnership criteria and working to ensure a successful partnership with the eateries.