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In the late 2023 and the better part of 2024, Francis Gaitho has been among the most vocal political activists putting the government up...
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How to Check Safaricom Phone Numbers Registered Under Your ID

Safaricom is Kenya’s largest telecommunications firm, offering a diverse range of mobile services to millions of consumers nationwide.

With the rise in cases of identity theft and fraud, it is critical to monitor your personal information and guarantee that no illegal phone numbers are registered under your name.

In this article, WoK takes a look at how to check Safaricom phone numbers registered with your ID.

How to check phone numbers registered under your ID

To check the Safaricom phone numbers registered under your ID, follow these steps;


Step 1: Dial *106# on your Safaricom mobile phone

Step 2: From the list, select “Check registered numbers”

Step 3: Safaricom will display and send you an SMS with phone numbers registered using your identification

Via MySafaricom App

Step 1: Launch the Mysafaricom app on your phone.

Step 2: Click on Check Your Sim Card Registration Details

Step 3: Enter your phone number

Step 4: You will receive a prompt of the numbers registered with your ID and are compliant

How to report unknown number linked to your ID

To report an unknown number registered under your ID, simply;

Step 1: Dial *106#

Step 2: Select 2 (this reports unknown numbers)

Step 3: Select the number you’re not conversant with registered with your ID