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Kasmuel McOure: From Surviving Su!cid3 to Leading Anti-Finance Bill 2024 Gen-Z Protests

Kasmuel McOure is a music educator, award-winning Pianist, and founder of the Maskani Big Band and the KasKazini Orkestra. Known for his artistic displays on TikTok and other social media platforms, he has curved out a name for himself as a talented content creator and human rights activist.

McOure hit the headlines on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, as he joined Kenyans from various wakes of life to protest against the proposed Finance Bill 2024.

Dressed in a black suit, armed with a flute, handkerchief and water, Kasmuel was well equipped to handle the teargas lodged at protestors as they walked through Nairobi Streets, airing their economic grievances, and chanting anti-government and anti-Finance Bill 2024 slogans.

File image of Kasmuel McOure. |Courtesy| X|
File image of Kasmuel McOure. |Courtesy| X|

His views on the contentious bill and bravery in coming out to picket for his constitutional rights and those of millions of Kenyans have endeared him as a fan favourite among members of the public. Kenyans took to social media platforms to commend him for the efforts, terming him an epitome of civic awareness among Kenyan youth.

Whereas many may now know him for his civic heroics, little is known about the struggles he has undergone in life to be where he is today.

Suicide & Social castigation

In a detailed message shared on X, Kasmuel McOure revealed that he is not afraid to die in the name of justice and equality in society. This is after a section of Kenyans stated that he had gained popularity as one of the key figures in the anti-government protests and thus may become a marked man.

He rebuffed the claims, stating that he survived suicide and is not afraid to die fighting for what he believes in.

“To everyone telling me NOT to go for protests on Thursday because I’ve been marked and might be killed, do you know that I was found on our rooftop on Friday night in a noose ready to die?  Kama si majirani singekuwa hapa leo (if it were not for my neighbours I wouldn’t be here today),” he revealed.

“Siogopi kifo guys!!!” He declared.

File image of Kasmuel McOure. |Courtesy| X|
File image of Kasmuel McOure. |Courtesy| X|

McOure further revealed that he had been threatened and called names by many during the Fungua Nchi protests in 2020 and the anti-Femicide campaign early this year.

“I’ve been told, “You know if you disappeared nobody would miss you?” During the femicide march I was body shamed and called gay huko NGC. Siogopi bana,” he stated.

Despite battling mental health issues, Kasmuel McOure finds a way to continue amplifying what he believes is social justice for all Kenyans.


Activism is hard, Kasmuel McOure notes. He revealed that people have been blowing up his phone some not to support him but just because they saw him on TV or trending on social media.

He reiterated that he is not in it for the fame, but rather to fight for a just cause, one he believes will only take effect if Kenyans unite and call out government on poor policies.

“I’m also not doing this for clout. There’s no joy in being cancelled by potential clients. It’s no fun having your friends joke about things you’re most passionate about. Activism is a difficult thing. The state is out to get you, so are the people around you,” Kasmuel said.

“Hii kitu ni ngumu. Nikimaliza, naenda hospitali, because I’m struggling mentally. Then nijaribu kufanya muziki. There’s nothing fun about activism,” he added.

File image of Kasmuel McOure. |Courtesy| Fidel Tall/X|
File image of Kasmuel McOure. |Courtesy| Fidel Tall/X|

Rallying Call

Despite the dangers of walking down the activism path, Kasmuel McOure calls upon fellow Kenyans to join the march for proper representation and governance.

“To anyone reading this, do it anyway. It’ll be hard, but we have ensamples in the men who’ve gone before us! We remain UNBOWED!!! Sitasimama maovu yakitawala. Viva Gen-Z viva!!!” He rallied.

File image of Kasmuel McOure. |Courtesy| X|
File image of Kasmuel McOure. |Courtesy| X|