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Kenyan Man in U.S. Hits Out At Job Seeker Who Claimed He Washes Elderly Women


Kenyan man
Kenyan man Faleri Muthoni has shared how he was demeaned by a Kenyan job seeker. Photo: Faleri Muthoni.

A Kenyan man based in the United States has narrated how he was disrespected for how he earns a living.

Faleri Muthoni said a person from Kenya inboxed him asking to be linked with a job in the U.S.

Muthoni politely told the person he had no job links and this angered the job seeker who resorted to demeaning him.

“Kuna mtu amecome inbox yangu akaniambia hey si unitafutie job huko majuu nikamuambia mimi siwezi kumtafutia job you have to be here in the U.S., akakasirika akaniambia hey unaringa sana na mambo ya U.S na nyinyi munaosha wa shosho (washing elderly women),” Muthoni said.

Faleri Muthoni responded by asking the job seeker if he wanted his grandmother to be washed as he was ready to do that and earn the dollar.

Netizens reacted to Muthoni’s revelations with humour and encouraged him to continue with his hustle in the U.S. with pride.

Never mind what people say just hustle hard mwanawitu – Joan Nyoike said.

Wueeh. Fear is gone. People answering the way they want – Braceske posted

It’s jealousy don’t mind them – Mercy Wangechi shared.

Farrel u must be very strong – Jimmy G James added.

In May 2024 a Kenyan-American man was under fire after he shredded his U.S. Passport.

Benson Gitau in a viral TikTok video is seen holding a Kenyan and a U.S. passport, then shows fans the expiry date of his U.S. Passport.

Gitau proceeds to place the passport in a paper shredder, shredding it into pieces.

Netizens criticised him for his actions with some advising him to seek psychological help.