Kenyans In The Diaspora Running Successful Businesses

Kenyans in the diaspora are increasingly making a name for themselves by running multimillion successful businesses across the globe.

These entrepreneurs are leveraging their skills, knowledge, and experience to build thriving businesses in a range of industries.

They are not only creating employment opportunities for themselves but also for others, thereby contributing to the economic growth of their host countries and home country.

In this article, WoK highlights Kenyan entrepreneurs who are making money moves in diaspora.

1. Dominic Chumo

Dominic Chumo, a former British Army officer is the founder and CEO of Talkcoms Limited, The Kenyan Diaspora Media and Chunic Limited.

The Kenyan Diaspora Media on the other hand is a media production company bringing inspiring conversations touching on issues affecting communities in Kenya and in the Diaspora.

Chunic Limited is an importer of farming machinery among other high-quality vehicles from the UK to businesses across East Africa.

Talkcoms Limited is a a software company that focuses on communication and collaborations using a mix of products and solutions.

2. Jectone Oyoo

Jectone Oyoo is a Kenyan entrepreneur who runs several companies both locally and abroad.

Oyoo who lives in Texas relocated the United States to pursue a PhD and a later enrolled for a short course in Data Analytics.

He started his company, Smart Data Analytic, after winning a Green Card which gave him a permanent residency in the US.

Smart Data Analytic offers consulting services, design and integration, analytics and visualization and platformization.

They also offer fully managed IT services such as monitoring and support services, on-premise and cloud integration services and backup and disaster recovery.

In February 2023, Oyoo entered a partnership deal with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) to introduce the course in Kenya.

3. Kenneth of Kenzi Suites

Kenneth is the founder of Kenzi Suites, a luxurious hotel in Kisii County, approximately 2 km away from Kisii town center.

Each unit at the hotel offers a fully equipped kitchen, a flat-screen TV, a living room, a private bathroom and a washing machine.

Prices range for the units range between Ksh 7,000 and Ksh 8,000 a day, depending on booking date, availability and time.

Kenneth lives in the US.

4. Mary Ngendo Njuguna

27-year-old Mary Ngendo Njuguna is an English teacher in Bangkok, Thailand.

As an entrepreneur, she operates a financial services agent that offers loans, and provide the convenience of sending money back to Kenya through M-PESA.

While in Thailand, Njuguna realized how sending money back home was not convenient and took between 4 to 6 hours via Western Union.

As such, she incepted a financial services agent named MNN Services that would offer quick and reliable mobile money services.

The firm receives money in foreign currency then converts to Kenyan shillings and sends to the Kenyan recipients via M-PESA.

5. Evanson Kagia

Evanson Kagia is the founder of N&K Auto Repair Shop in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Following his relocation to the US, he was employed twice before he pooled resources and set up his own business.

Other than running a garage, Kagia also sells used and new car tyres.

6. Stephen Njenga

Archbishop Dr Stephen Njenga, based in Seattle, Washington is the founder of Northwest International Christian Seminary.

In a past interview with Chams Media, he noted that the desire to build a good reputation and become a force of good in the society is what inspired him to be an entrepreneur. 

He runs among other businesses One Word Digital Media, Home Aide Training Center, Quickink Notary and Living Independent Adult Family Home.

Njenga also runs Quicklink Student exchange program which helps Kenyans get scholarships to study and work in the US. 

7. George Gacheru

George Gacheru is the proprietor of Georgies Grill in Kigali, Rwanda.

With Kenya having few job opportunities to absorb everyone, he relocated to Rwanda where he rose from working as a waiter to owning a restaurant.

Through the restaurant, he not only makes a living out of it but has also created job opportunities for Rwandese who work for him.

The restaurant which is popular amongst Kenyans visiting or living in Rwanda serves smoked fish, grilled chicken, ugali pickles and different African local drinks.

His achievements saw him being lauded by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua during a state visit to Rwanda on October 14, 2022.

8. Fanaka Ndege

Fanaka Ndege, a rapper and content creator is the proprietor of Tamu Grill, a restaurant serving Kenyan-themed dishes in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

The restaurant was previously known as Kilimanjaro Grill before it rebranded to Tamu Grill and switched locations.

Ndege grew up in Elk River, Minnesota where he lived with his Kenyan parents.

He attended Elk River High School and later proceeded to Anoka-Ramsey Community College where he pursued Arts with an Emphasis in Creative Writing.

9. Brenda Amunga

Brenda Amunga, a native of Busia County, lives in Dubai where she also runs successful businesses.

The entrepreneur worked as a hairdresser in Kayole, Nairobi County before getting a chance to travel to Dubai through an agent.

Having spent a couple of years in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) city, she ventured into the apartment rental business.

She gets an apartment on a contract-basis and she has the option to rent it out to those who can pay monthly or use it as a guest room.

Brenda has been in the monthly rental apartments and guest room business for over three years as of 2023.

10. Everlyne Muthoni Mbaabu

Born and raised in Central Kenya, Everlyne Muthoni is an entrepreneur running a school that trains barista students in Dubai.

The school charges Ksh 60,000 per student and she has so far trained over 150 baristas of African origin who have ended up working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“After training my students, I assist them in writing their CV and connecting them to available job opportunities

“This is because most students are afraid of looking for good jobs and most of them end up as housemaids after landing in Dubai,” Muthoni revealed in a past interview.

Muthoni also owns a number of rental houses in the city which are mainly occupied by Africans who move to Dubai in search of job opportunities.

She charges between Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 30,000.