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Silas Nyanchwani: Talented Author Who Wanted To Become A Doctor

Making a name for yourself through the art of writing is one of the most fulfilling career in the world. This is because penning down an article not only inspires one’s creativity but can be a reliable profession too.

However, perfecting your writing skills to match those of renowned figures like Gabriel Oguda, Jackson Biko, Nyainda Manasseh and Silas Nyanchwani takes consistency and hard work.

This article will feature Nyanchwani, a man who has been writing for over a decade and is known to spark conversations around common lifestyle issues in Kenya.

Realized Medicine Wasn’t His Thing 

Just like many Kenyans, Nyanchwani’s childhood dream was to become a doctor but along the way he realized he couldn’t score the required grades. However, the prolific writer had another ambition to become a newspaper columnist.

As soon as he completed his secondary education at Nyamagwa Boys High School, he began laying out his road map towards this burning ambition to have a newspaper article bearing his byline. Nyanchwani kick-started his desire by writing letters to various newspaper editors.

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And as they say that you don’t have to see the entire staircase for you to take the first step, the writer would see some of his articles appear on the featured segments.

Silas Nyanchwani in a past photo. [Photo|Facebook|Silas Nyanchwani]

Having established an unmistakably luminous future on the fourth estate, Nyanchwani pursued a Bachelor’s of Arts in communication and literature at UoN.

The ‘sexorcised’ author was columnist in various print media including Nation, Standard and The Nairobian. Nyanchwani’s well-thought column on the Nairobian called ‘retrosexual’ propelled him to the limelight as he wrote about neglected lifestyle issues.

Writing Sexorcised and 50 memos to men 

In 2019, Nyanchwani quit writing columns in order to write his novel which he had been working on for 8 years. The novel titled ‘sexorcised’ was an instant sale in Kenya after it was published in 2020.

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It revolves around a Kisii man whose marriage careened off the rails and he had to divorce his wife. However, the author explores the sad life after divorce in which men resort to various channels to ‘ exorcise’ various demons. According to Nyanchwani, divorced men may turn to alcoholism and pursue younger women for s£x. The book is rather provocative and the author says creating a film out of it is unimaginable.

The aim was to tell the story of this man in the most honest, raw way possible,” says Nyanchwani.

On his ’50 memos To Men’ published in 2021, Nyanchwani generally advises men on matters around women. It is a fact that parents to millennials rarely have time to advise their sons about this crucial matter. The book therefore addresses this gap by conveying multiple advises in a hard-hitting manner.

Notable articles 

Recently, Silas Nyanchwani, through his Facebook account that has 39k followers led to heated debate when he suggested that only women from humble backgrounds and middle class set high standards for men.

Rich kids and people generally don’t suffer from silly standards. Going on a date with a rich man’s child who is well raised is the most affordable thing anywhere in the world. In fact, you come across as authentic when you keep it real,” he suggested.

Through his Nairobian column, the author has previously suggested that Nairobi City should be decongested by transferring various ministry offices to diverse parts of the nation. According to Nyanchwani, Nairobi’s life is stressful with all the hustles and bustles and criminal activities.