Kiki’s Palatial Airbnb Founder: Entrepreneurial Teacher Running 5 Different Ventures

Mombasa based entrepreneur Lilian Kemunto Moraa is a lady who doesn’t hesitate to flash her smile when engaging with people.

And there are good reasons for this but most importantly is that she has a supportive husband with whom they have smashed the glass ceiling and diversified their investments at the Kenyan Coast.

Moraa  has earned the moniker ‘Kiki’ thanks to her chain of ventures that include two schools, an airbnb investment, online linen store and events management.

The former Tigoi Girls student began working as a teacher in Nairobi just after graduating from University of Nairobi. Now a  mother of two, she would later meet her lover bird who convinced her to relocate to Mombasa.

Husband Support

In Mombasa, Moraa secured a job at an international school on a one year contract. Later, she got employed at another school that taught basing on Montessori curriculum. However, she was more passionate about starting her own school, something that was also influenced by her husband.

Back in my mind, I used to know one day I was going to open a school and being among the best teachers, he (the husband) told me it had reached a point to start something of my own,” Moraa revealed in a recent interview.

Starting own school

Using savings, the prayerful couple ventured into the education sector by opening Precious Kids School in 2014.

However, the institution only had two pupils admitted the entire year. With the investment running on losses, Moraa knew the venture was soon fizzling out as she contemplated closing it down.

In 2015 January, things took a new twist as the school admitted 15 more pupils and by second term the total enrolment raised to 50. Currently, Precious Kids School has over 100 pupils.

Moraa owes the success of the school to a robust curriculum that is based on understanding the basics of ECD foundation.

The success of the maiden venture prompted Moraa to open another school named Cambridge Links in Nyali. The institution has over 85 pupils and she prides herself in teaching art and home science in grade 4.

Kiki’s Mall and Kiki’s Palatial Mansion

Due to her business nous, Moraa started an online linen store called Kiki’s Mall where she imports towels, duvets and bedsheets bales and sells them in the entire East Africa region. The business idea was influenced by the fact that every household is necessitated to purchase such linens.

Photo|Lilian Kemunto

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Kiki’s mall is based in Bamburi Mtambo and advertises their products through Facebook. However, there have been challenges whereby online conmen use their photos in an attempt to swindle unsuspecting Kenyans by posting lower prices. The general mistrust from online buyers also undermines their sales.

Online clients don’t believe that whatever you are selling is what you will deliver. There are also online cons who post our pictures using lower prices,” Moraa reveals.

Together with her husband, they have also ventured into the hospitality sector through an airbnb named Kiki’s Palatial Mansion. The magnificent facility is located in 1st Avenue, Nyali.

Kiki’s Palatial Mansion [Photo|Lilian Kemunto]

It prides itself in offering affordable accommodation and events including graduation parties, weddings, baby showers and photography.

Kiki’s Palatial Mansion has a swimming pool, high end furniture and offers clients memorable experiences in entertainment and sea viewing.

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