King Kalala: I Left My Parents Home At 22 With Only Ksh3,000

Prudence Chepkirui, otherwise known as King Kalala is a content creator and radio presenter hosting a show on NRG Radio.

Speaking in a recent interview with Dr Ofweneke on TV47, the media personality disclosed that she moved out of her parents’ house at 22.

King Kalala also shared circumstances that forced her to leave her father’s house.

“I didn’t leave, this is what happened, I spoke with my father about pursuing art instead of continuing with school

“He gave me Ksh 3,000 and instructed me to return home with a degree. At this point I was 22 years, I left but victim of circumstances,” she said.

King Kalala travelled to Nairobi where she settled and later engaged in business where she would sell chicken meat outside entertainment joints.


The radio presenter became famous for giving her two cents on different matters without a care of what others will think about her.

She started by making videos where she would give her opinion about different movies and celebrities, but she later changed to giving views about real life situations.

Although she has been likened to Andrew Kibe, she still does her own thing and also gives the girl child advice.

King Kalala got her job at NRG Radio following success with her social media pages that attracted many followers.

Besides being a presenter, she is a content creator, a position she started while still in university.


In 2021, King Kalala sparked mixed reactions across social after revealing the reasons why she was not dating.

In an interview with TikToker Azziad Nasenya, the media personality said she was not dating because she would cheat on her partner.

“I’m not dating and the reason is very simple: Me I’ll cheat on you. I am not lying,” she revealed.

King Kalala noted that she is not ready for a relationship until she gets over her cheating ways.

“Let me not do this thing where I am coming into a relationship, I’m getting you involved and I’m like ‘I love you’ na nimetoka kucheat,” she explained.