Lerruat Log Resort: Grandmother Turns Kajiado Home Into A Multi-million Hotel

The need to find a serene, calm environment for holidays, parties and conferences has seen rising demand for hospitality services in Kenya.

For this reason, many players in this sector have invested heavily in their businesses in a move to beat competitors. On their part, customers will always keenly scrutinise various destinations before deciding on the one to consider.

This means that having a resort established in amazing geographical features such as mountains, beaches and game parks has an added advantage that can never be underestimated.

One resort that has been able to attract prominent persons, tourists, families and businesspeople is Lerruat Log Resort; a beautiful hotel of its own kind that sits on top of a mountainous terrain located in Kajiado county.

According to the marketing director and co-owner Diana, the now popular resort was first built as a holiday home by their mother in 2015.

However, the magnificent design, location, green lush environment and the ambience associated with the place would soon prove irresistible to family and friends.

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She (her mother) found that everyone wanted to come and sleep here – all of us, the grandchildren, her sisters and this made her build more rooms,” Diana told popular Youtuber Wode Maya.

It was clear that the family didn’t need to conduct a feasibility study to realize that the holiday home was a revolving door of opportunities.

As a family, Diana teamed up with her mother and brother and decided that the nascent idea of converting the holiday home into a multi-million resort would be fruitful.

The partners invested in storey wooden structures providing balconies for breathtaking views. According to Diana, the architecture was inspired by cabins and cottages in the Alps of Switzerland.

“We liked how cabins looked in Switzerland, especially those on top of mountains. We borrowed from that to build what we have here,” she said.

With only 12 rooms at the start, the business expanded to 30 then finally to 50 by 2020. In order to offer services to a wide customers and considering the differences in social classes, the rooms are charged differently. These charges range from ksh 3k to ksh 30k.

The room categories are: standard, deluxe room and executive suite.

Apart from tasty nyama choma, Lerruat Log Resort has a swimming pool, bush massage, conference rooms, bars, playground and gym.