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Lessons On Leadership We Should All Learn From Peter Ndegwa 

By WoK reporter

Being at the apex of a blue chip company like Safaricom PLC is no walk in the park. The telco has maintained a grip on the market that seems unshakeable anytime soon. This is thanks to the leadership of Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa who has done a pretty good job since he filled the void that was left by the late Bob Collymore. The CEO took his time to share 10 lessons he has learnt “amidst a crisis”.

This article was shared on Linkedin by Peter Ndegwa:

  1. The CEO avers that managing transitions is a critical leaders job both on personal and professional terms. He goes on to state that careful thought, vision and resilience is needed. 

2. He advises leaders to show purpose and to follow their intuition when making decisions in times of crises. Leaders should not wait “for all the facts to guide you as they will not always be there” and to tap on their previous experiences. 

  1.   Teams can do anything when challenged positively. For people to deliver their best, you need to communicate clear goals and install a sense of mission in a purposeful way to ensure that everyone actively works towards achieving it.

4.  Do not underestimate the power of partnerships. We worry too much about competition when there is so much more power when we collaborate. COVID19 forced us to come together and collaborate on matters that benefit society as a whole, and I think we should definitely do this more often.

5. The customer is king, and is even more important in these uncertain times we are currently living in. Customers will remember how you made them feel in times of crisis, and it was important for us to stand with Kenyans and cushion them against the negative impact of the pandemic.

6. COVID19 reminded us of the power of purpose and as a purpose-led organization we are dedicated to transforming lives, ensuring we leave no one behind.

7. Deal with the crisis, but also continue to build the future. Despite the uncertainty we face, maintain a sense of mission and be devoted to achieving it.

8.  As we navigate through this pandemic, the role of leaders has changed in this new world of working from home and virtual meetings. Keeping connected while we are apart is an even bigger imperative as we ensure that business continues as usual. It is ok not to know everything but lead with empathy and have the courage to deal with situations as they occur.

9. We can adapt to any change, never allow anyone to say you cannot. The situation may seem grim, but we must remain optimistic and work towards a better future.

10. In this social media age, listen for real feedback but learn to filter and depersonalise the “noise”.

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