Kaveve Kazoze ‘Ngesh’: Viral Gengetone Rapper Who Is A Hawker

Viral Gengetone rapper Mary Njeri alias Ngesh wa Vasha, popularly known for her hit ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ has reflected on her journey in music days after going viral on social media.

In an interview with Silva Kiddo of SPM Buzz, the fast-rising rapper noted that she was inspired to join music by his brother.

Ngesh noted that his brother featured her in a collaboration after his debut song went viral.

“I was introduced to music by my brother. He released his first song which turned out to be a hit-song after which we collaborated on another song

“Ever since, we’ve always loved music but I did not see myself getting money that would enable me release a project,” she explained.

The two siblings released two more projects together before Ngesh worked on her first solo project in December 2022.

In March 2023, Ngesh and three other musicians came together and formed a music group dubbed, Spider Clan.

The group has since released two projects.

On the virality of her song, the rapper noted that she was elated with the new found fame which she says it got her by surprise.

“I was elated, I received phone calls from friends who even asked for money claiming that I was already a super star,” Ngesh said.

Ngesh also disclosed that she currently works as a hawker, selling women handbags.

“That’s how I’ve grown, in the past I’d do casual jobs including ploughing other people’s land. After high school I did a short course which has enabled me make a living for myself,” she said.

Ngesh noted that he hopes to work with Gengetone rapper Ssaru and Reckless.

Since going viral, the internet sensation received amazing deals from Kenyans who were amazed by her art and confidence.

For instance, Kenyan businessman Kiddo gifted her Ksh 20,000 and offered to sponsor her next project.

Elsewhere, in an interview with TV47, Ngesh noted that she won’t charge less than Ksh 300,000 for a live performance.

“Soon I will be back to the studio to produce a new hit with Spider Clan but I will charge other big artists who will be interested in a collabo with me,” the rapper.