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Meet Fred and Erick Omondi Little Known Sister Living in Germany

The country continues to mourn the late Churchill Show comedian Fred Omondi with tributes from friends and family pouring in, remembering him as a great talent in the comedy industry but most of all a soul gone too soon.

Fred was one of four siblings, including popular comedian-cum-activist Eric Omondi, Irene Omondi and the late Joseph Omondi.

Irene Omondi is the lesser-known sibling and is the third born of the four. She maintains a lowkey life outside of her brothers’ fame, even moving out of the country to chart her own path.

Going by the moniker ‘Nyagowete’ which means sister to brothers, Irene relocated to Germany eighteen years ago to pursue further studies, while her brothers remained in the country to pursue comedy.

In a past interview, she recalled their upbringing at their Bondo home, recalling how chaotic their lifestyle was, as they were a household of twelve children, with many stepsiblings because their father had multiple wives.

“We were like a small football team, during meal times it was possible to miss out on food because we were so many,” she said.

She narrated her special relationship with her late brother Fred Omondi full of banter and quick wit, describing it as ‘an inborn madness’.

Living with budding comedians made her immune to their antics and even in their adulthood, she said that she was used to hearing the brothers’ shenanigans online and they did not have any effect on her.

She is however different from them, preferring to maintain a private life, posting the occasional photo on her social media platforms, and keeping other details of her life concealed.

In 2018, she shared a heartfelt tribute to her late elder brother Joseph who succumbed to drug addiction-related issues.

“I still can’t believe that I will never see you again Nyathiwa.

“Haki my Brother Jose umetuonyesha maneno all these years, we gave you the Best life but you chose your Way of living, this broke my heart. May your soul rest in peace,” her emotional message read.

Nyagowete has yet to make a statement regarding her younger brother’s death, but it is expected that his untimely passing dealt her a big blow.