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Meru Experts Working on Muguka Energy Drink that will Compete with Redbull

Experts from Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) have spoken out in support of miraa and muguka.

According to a media report, the experts claimed that despite their abuse, the stimulants have therapeutic and value-added benefits with enormous economic potential.

As such, they have designed and patented a Muguka Energy drink, which will soon be available on the local market and beyond.

According to primary scientists, Prof Joshua Arimi, a food scientist and Dr Patrick Kubai, a clinical researcher, stated that studies on miraa and muguka have shown that they contain essential elements.

The team which consists of researchers, biochemists and social scientists stated that in addition to cathinone and cathine, miraa is high in fibre and contains over 50 additional chemicals that scientists are extracting to assess their benefits.

“In terms of value addition we have developed an infusion bag like the tea bags, a miraa chewing gum and energy drink. We are doing this because miraa and muguka contribute at least Sh13.1 billion to Kenya’s economy besides being the key economic driver in areas where it is grown,” Arimi said.

Speaking at the conclusion of the 3rd Meru University of Science and Technology International Conference (MUSTIC), Kubai stated that the research team was harnessing the good effects of miraa and muguka through clinical trials.

“Our objective is to improve how muguka and miraa are presented in the market which currently is not appealing to consumers. This will also make it easy for government agencies to control consumption of the product by the underage population,” Kubai stated.

Additionally, Kubai dismissed reports that miraa and muguka intake causes impotence in men, claiming that those who experienced these symptoms must have combined the stimulant with other medicines or been on a bad diet.

“Igembe region where I worked for 10 years at the Nyambene Level Four hospital has one of the highest fertility rates in Meru county and people consume miraa daily. If the compounds cause impotency then that region would not be highly populated,” he said.

On the other hand, MUST Vice Chancellor Prof Romanus Odhiambo stated that the university was developing the Miraa Research Institute (MRI) to complement the researchers’ efforts.

“Institutions of higher learning should be consulted because through research we have diagnosed the contents in miraa and muguka and effects it has on consumers. We are also trying to develop medicinal products from miraa,” he stated.