Miss P Biography, Age, Music Career, Relationship With Willy Paul And Eric Omondi

Miss P Biography, Age, Music Career, Relationship With Willy Paul And Eric Omondi
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By Prudence Minayo

Before starring in Willy Paul’s music video Liar, very little was known about talented vocalist  Miss P with the  P standing for Picasah. Then, people fell in love with her powerful vocals augmented with her beauty. 


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The upcoming musician is 20 years old and hails from Nyeri town. According to K24, she was born in 2001 in a Christian family. 

Music Career

Her entry into the music industry was courtesy of Willy Paul who signed the artist to his record label Saldido International. The label put out word that they were looking for talented artists and she tried out her luck. She sent a private message on Instagram to the record label and as they say the rest is history. 

Willy Paul said the moment his team showed him a clip of her singing, he knew she was the right one. She was asked to go in for an interview and they began working on a song immediately. She says in a period of two days the contract was already signed and she was a part of the label. 

With the release of the Liar music video, she was thrust into the limelight. The song was a hit and the beautiful vocalist became an overnight sensation. The song currently boasts more than 8 million views on YouTube.

Working with Willy Paul and Saldido International, she has been featured in Tired, Fall in Love and Mashallah. All the songs showcased her amazing vocal capabilities and garnered millions of views. The song Fall in Love has over 4 million views and Mashallah has a million views at the moment. 

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Relationship with Willy Paul

In a candid interview with Presenter Ali, she explained the reason she left Saldido International was because of Willy Paul. She said the musician forced her to have sex with him. At first, she claimed she met a lady who she thought was Willy’s girlfriend and this made her comfortable around him. She said once after the end of a studio shoot, he drove her to his residence where they proceeded to have unprotected sex. Later, she told her mother who then talked to the singer and he did not cross that boundary again but continuously professed his love to her.

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Miss P then says she began having feelings for him but always believed his love for her wasn’t genuine. Later, she says his controlling nature and continuous belittling of her forced her to leave him and the label. She involved a lawyer and got out of the contract, which she described as sketchy. She also added that she never received any payment for her services while working with the record label.

Relation with Eric Omondi 

Recently, Erick Omondi came out alleging that he met Miss P five months ago in an event he was hosting and one thing led to another leading to her falling pregant. He said he told her not to worry as he would take responsibility since children are from God. Of course, some fans did not believe the story as they think it is one of Eric Omondi’s many stunts/ jokes.

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