Mungai Eve: OdiBets Sponsors Youtuber Tour To Qatar To Watch Cup, Trevor Left Behind

Content creator Mungai Eve has left for Qatar for the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

In an interview before his departure, the content creator noted that the trip was sponsored by betting company, OdiBets.

Mungai said he will be traveling alongside other influencers working with the betting company; promoting various campaigns.

They are also set to watch a World Cup football match on Sunday, November 27.

“We are heading to Qatar courtesy of OdiBets Kenya; we are leaving as a team, we have various influencers and winners too. It’s a lifetime experience and I’m really excited about it,” Mungai said.

Mungai also noted that she will not be flying out with her boyfriend, Director Trevor, noting that it is her first trip going solo.

“Unfortunately, this is the first trip that I’m going alone; I’m a little bit scared because every time we go somewhere together he does everything. It’s a great opportunity but unfortunately we can’t go the both of us,” she said.

Adding; “We’ve been dating for over four years, and we’ve lived together for over two years now and we’ve ever been apart; even for a single day. But I’ll definitely get him a gift.”

As earlier reported on WoK, Mungai noted that her YouTube channel generates at least Ksh 700,000 on a bad month and up to Ksh 1.5 million on a good month.

You have to have a signature to the kind of content you intend to put out. We focus more on telling stories about the lives of the youth in the ghettos

“I also cover events and celebrities who appeal to my audience and in maintaining that, I have been able to continue creating attention towards my channel despite having uploaded very few videos,” she mentioned.

She explained that she started shooting YouTube content after dropping out of college due to lack of fees.

“I was preparing to go back for my second semester when the coronavirus pandemic struck

”Things really got bad financially for my father and, being a private student, he asked me to stay at home as he looked for funds to send me back to school,” she said.

Mungai mentioned that instead of sitting at home, she decided to move to Nairobi where she’d engage in odd jobs to make ends meet.

It was during this period when she was informed of the idea of starting a YouTube channel as she was planning to go back to the village.

I called my boyfriend and informed him of my decision. He listened and said, ‘You shouldn’t go. I have an idea, let’s first try it out. Let’s start Mungai Eve YouTube channel then see how it goes’,” Mungai said.