Ndila Mweru: Kenyan Making Upto 2000 Cups Of Tea And Sales Amounting To Over Sh100,000 Daily In Dubai

By Prudence Minayo

Kenya is the third largest producer of tea in the world and the first in Africa. Known for its rich original flavor, Kenyan tea is stocked in most world capitals. Ndila Mweru, who lives and works in Dubai gave an account of how brewing tea has changed his life and that of his family. 

Here is his story as told by WoK

Move to Dubai 

Ndila Mweru is a native of Mombasa who moved to Dubai in search of greener pastures. Life was not a bed of roses at home given that he had to work as a laborer earning very little.

When an opportunity presented itself , he traveled to Dubai where he proceeded to work in different places before finally landing at Kenya Tea Place. They stock different brands of Kenyan tea. 

Tea Market and Life Abroad 

In a single day, he serves thousands of clients who enjoy a cup of well brewed tea with some drinking more than five cups daily. He believes that many clients visit their place since the tea is pure and comes with an authentic aroma and taste.  

On a good day, he can make up to Sh100,000 with the amount easily doubling depending on the season. He makes  tea in less than three minutes. 

“I have to be very fast when serving the client, they love it, and they want that Kenyan only,” he told The Standard. 

Building House

Having been in the Middle East since 2007, he is fluent in Arabic and he has been able to make a tidy sum. He has worked hard to ensure that his wife and three children have a better life. Not only is he able to pay for his children’s school fees but he has also bought land, built a house and managed to start a side business. He owes all this good fortune to his hard work and determination. Due to his work ethics, he has also been able to recommend other Kenyans who have gotten the chance to also travel to the Middle East for work. 

Mr. Ndila believes that Agriculture offers a lot. Living in Dubai, he realized that they import most foods since the country is a desert.