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Jeff: 11 Year Old Citizen TV Becky Actor Running His Own Bakery Business

Jeff is one of the lead actors in the...

Jack Mwamba: Mother-In-Law Actor Who Was Born In New York, His Education, Career And Family

Arabron Nyyneque Osanya is a popular Kenyan actor who...

Who Is Sheila Johnson? Her Journey To Becoming America’s First Female Black Billionaire 

Sheila Crump Johnson is an American businesswoman and the founder of Salamander Luxury Resorts.  Dubbed the first African American woman billionaire by the media, she...


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Bob Collymore Salary, Shares And Properties

Being at the helm of the largest and most profitable telcos in the region comes with a fat cheque. Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore ranks...

Alex Mwakideu Salary At Milele FM

Radio like TV is very competitive in Kenya. It’s so competitive that to retain and add numbers of listeners and viewers the stations have...

Khaligraph Jones Net Worth, YouTube Earnings And Properties He Owns

It goes without saying that Khaligraph Jones is an A list artist, atleast according to Kenyan standards. He has wowed us with hits after...

Salaries Of Clerical Officers In The Judiciary And Requirements

Clerical officers, now known as court assistant, are the engine that drives the courts across the country. So the obvious question would be: what...

Legal Fees Okoth Obado Will Pay Fred Ngatia When He Takes Over His Case From Cliff Ombeta And Co

Senior counsel Fred Ngatia will probably be the next lead lawyer of Migori Governor Okoth Obado who has been charged with the murder of...

Annah Mutheu: Richest Witchdoctor In Kenya Owning Three Lorries, Petrol Station And Never Misses Church

Annah Mutheu does not live in a dark smoky hut with scary looking paraphernalia. Her house is grand and so are her powers-real or perceived. According...

Inside David Ndii Palatial Home And The Company He Owns

Economist David Ndii is a man known for speaking his mind, the repercussions notwithstanding. He was a critic of former President Uhuru Kenyatta Jubilee...


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