Peris Kahuthia: From A Collapsed Cosmetic Business To Finding Fortune In Nail Business

Peris Kahuthia is a businesswoman in the beauty and cosmetic industry who has invested in a beauty parlour.

She is also involved in the shipping business where she imports goods from countries such as Turkey, China, Dubai and India.

In an exclusive interview with WoK, Peris talks about her journey in the beauty business, her interest and challenges that she has encountered so far.

Beauty industry

Before starting her beauty parlour business, Peryk Beauty Parlour, Peris had a beauty show where they were selling beauty accessories.

They were also offering services such as ear piercing, but they were forced to close down due to effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the COVID period, our business was really affected because of mask wearing; ladies were not comfortable with wearing a makeup

“We were really affected, we still had to pay the bills but we couldn’t manage. We had to close down and think of another option,” Peris said.

An employee at Peryk Beauty Shop working on a client PHOTO/Original

She explained that she decided to reinvest in the beauty industry to make ladies look good and confident.

“Nowadays ladies love themselves and they want to look good and feel confident in the society. There’s also plenty of events and ladies love going to events looking gorgeous… It builds great self-confidence,” she explained.

On the initial starting capital, Peris also disclosed that she invested between Ksh 900,000 to Ksh 1.2 million in the new beauty parlour.

“You need to make sure that the place looks interesting, it’s calm, it has nice furnishings and lighting to ensure comfortability of clients,” she said.

Peris noted that good location, friendly staff and competitive prices are some aspects that have helped her keep up with the competition in the industry.

“Having the best deco and equipments will easily help in beating competition, friendly prices and taking feedbacks from clients is also crucial,” she explained.

A client at Peryk Beauty Parlour PHOTO/Original

Services offered at Peryk Beauty Parlour include manicure, pedicure, stick-ons, makeup and eyebrows shading among many others.

They also do hair which includes braiding, twisting, locs and hair treatment among an arrays of other available styles.

“Hygiene is maintained at high levels in our shop, we also disinfect all tools that we use, our market price is also relatively fair because we are looking at building a big customer base

“We also have a good location which also has a basement parking and a lift making it easy for clients to access our shop,” Peris said.

Peryk Beauty Parlour also allows prior booking of services and thus preventing inconveniences to clients.

Clients at Peryk Beauty Parlour PHOTO/Original


Peris also addressed challenges that she has encountered in her business journey.

She cited competition from other industry players and fluctuation of prices as some of the major challenges.

“Challenges are there but we have ways of overcoming and after all the main goal is having that customer satisfied and willing to come back,” Peris said.

Peryk Beauty Parlour is located along Ronald Ngala street, RNG Plaza, 3rd floor room FC11.

They can be contacted via 0724 620 720 or 0784 84 84 86 or through Facebook and Instagram at Peryk Beauty Parlour and @perykbeautyparlor respectively.

They open from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm, this also applies to holidays.