Raila’s Confidant Speaks Out on Counties Passing Fake BBI Documents

Opposition Leader Raila Odinga’s private lawyer Paul Mwangi who served in the BBI taskforce has rubbished reports that 34 counties debated and passed the wrong BBI Bill.

Speaking on Wednesday, April 21,  Mwangi said the reports are part of an ongoing plan to sabotage the BBI process.

According to him, only one Bill was sent to the IEBC by the BBI taskforce, adding that the electoral commission has no right to produce another different document.

 “We have just moved from the last attempt at sabotaging BBI where people were saying that they are going to make amendments to the document knowing very well that if they make any amendment to the document they will have legally sunk BBI.

“That has failed and this to me is just a new attempt at trying to come up with a credible reason that would give the Judiciary a standing to issue an order against BBI, but even this will fail.

Addressing the effects of the claims on the BBI process, Mwangi held the view that BBI would only be in a dilemma if speakers of the county assembly admit that they shared the wrong document with their members.

 “We would only start talking about a problem if we are talking about speakers from various county assemblies saying they received a different document from IEBC or saying they possibly made a mistake and placed before their assemblies a foreign document,” he divulged.

On Wednesday, the Joint Justice and Legal Affairs Committee said that 34 counties debated the wrong format of the BBI document while 12 counties endorsed the correct format.