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Saleh Shitandi: Owner Of The Popular Valu Valu Club in Mumias

Over the past few days, Valu Valu Club has been trending on social media after photos from the entertainment joint went viral on social media.

The night club located in Mumias, Kakamega County has been in existence for years but people knew about it just recently.

The huge traction on social media comes with among other inquiries the owner of the club and when it was established.

Here is what WoK has gathered about the same.


Saleh Shitandi is the owner of Valu Valu.

The entrepreneur established the club during the 2018 World Cup.

“I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey in 2018, coinciding with the electrifying atmosphere of the World Cup season

“It was during this time that the seeds of Valu Valu club were sown, gradually capturing the hearts of fans hailing from various corners of Mumias,” he said.

With the World Cup period gaining momentum, the club located in Ekero Junction would fill to its capacity.

Shitandi explained that he called the club ‘Valu Valu’ after Ugandan singer Jose Chameleon’s hit song to capture the attention of revellers from the neighboring country.

““In one of Chameleone’s songs, he expresses his deep affection for a lady he refers to as Valuvalu. Inspired by this theme of love, I decided to give the club a name that would evoke similar emotions,” he said.

Before establishing Valu Valu, he ran a bar called HQ in Mumias town which he had set up with Ksh 60,000 as capital.

The success of the bar led him to expand further and establish Valu Valu.

“The resounding success of this venture not only bolstered my confidence but also provided the impetus to expand my endeavors further. As a result, I subsequently ventured into opening multiple clubs in Kakamega

“And now, proudly joining the roster of my thriving establishments is the renowned Valu Valu club situated in Mumias,” the Moi University graduate stated.

Valu Valu offers among other services a WiFi connection, a luxurious VIP lounge and accommodation for revellers who might want to extend their stay.

The club also boasts screens to allow football fanatics to catch their favorite matches as they enjoy their drinks.