The Ten Best Wedding Venues In Eldoret 

The Ten Best Wedding Venues In Eldoret 
Monarch Gardens Photocredit/Facebook

By Prudence Minayo

Often referred to as the home of champions, Eldoret is a lovely town with equally beautiful venues for holding events. The town is brimming with magnificent spaces that can provide spectacular wedding venues. 

Below are a few tranquil spots where people could have their big day:

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The Best Wedding Venues In Eldoret 
Kenmosa resort and Conference Center/Facebook

Kenmosa resort and Conference Center 

The resort, situated along Kaptagat road, is in a serene environment and boasts of 18 rooms to accommodate guests. The lush green grounds at the are perfect for holding a wedding ceremony and for photo sessions. 

The Ten Best Wedding Venues In Eldoret 
Poa Place Photocredit/

Poa Place 

Poa Place has for years been a hangout place for residents around Eldoret. The resort is known for its delicacies and entertainment. Its large swimming pool attracts hundreds of residents and the gardens around the place are charming making it an ideal place to have weddings and events. 

The Best Wedding Venues In Eldoret 

The Starbucks Hotel 

Starbucks hotel is a beautiful quaint place with a number of conveniences. It is a 103 room facility which comes with a fitness center, a conference place, a spacious swimming pool, and a restaurant. 

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The hotel also has a terrific lush green garden which offers a glorious backdrop perfect for weddings and taking photos. They also have a meeting hall that can accommodate up to 200 people comfortably. 

The Noble Hotel and Conference Center

The Noble Hotel and Conference Center 

The Hotel located in Kapsoya is known for its elegant disposition and fine dining menu. From the gate, which is surrounded by beautiful plants, to the modern rooms, the facility attracts people from far and wide. The quaint gardens and beautiful compound are a delight to the eyes. 

Monarch Gardens Photocredit/Facebook

Monarch Gardens 

Located only a few kilometres from Eldoret town, the magnificent property is doted with well manicured gardens and several outdoor seating places. The very natural spaces offer a relaxed environment for a wedding and photoshoot. 

Kaptagat Farm Resort Photo/Facebook

Kaptagat Farm Resort 

The beautiful facility is surrounded with a gorgeous garden with hundreds of trees, plants and different flowers including: papyrus, lillies, star of Bethlehem, and euphorbia. The place is a natural marvel free of artifice. The structures in the place are shaped like a decagon and it boasts of several bush stoned cottages with one of them having been constructed at the middle of the pond. 

Garden spaces are fitted with well thought out sitting places and visitors have a view of the river in the property. The place is perfect for relaxation, weddings, team building activities and events. 

Strawberry Events Restaurant

Strawberry Events Restaurant 

The restaurant is located in Eldoret’s pioneer area and has been praised by customers for its food and well manicured gardens ideal for weddings and other events. 

Eldoret Adventist Guest House

Eldoret Adventist Guest House 

The property sits on two acres of land and was established with a view of providing and promoting a homelike Christian accommodation. They are known for their vegetarian diet and beautiful gardens perfect for weddings.

Sirikwa Hotel 

Just a short drive away from the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Sirikwa is one of the pioneers of fine dining in Eldoret region. Standing proudly, the hotel building is a simple magnificent structure surrounded by a large swimming pool perfect for photo sessions.

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