Top 10 Best Pork Restaurants In Nairobi

By Isaac Blessings

Pork meat is becoming increasingly popular in Kenya unlike in the past when it was frowned upon. This delicacy can either be grilled or come as dry or wet fry depending on customers preference. With the rise of many pork restaurants in Nairobi, it might prove to be a difficult task identifying where to get the freshest and well-prepared pork meat at affordable rates. 

Worry no more because in this article, WoK brings you the full list of the top 10 best pork restaurants in Nairobi.

Rib Rack’s Restaurant

Rib Rack’s restaurant is arguably the best pork restaurant in Nairobi. If you enjoy barbecued pork meat marinated with different flavors and ingredients of your choice, then this is the place that you should definitely check out. The meat is tender and soft on the inside and a little chat with smoky sweet flavors of the ingredients on the outside. They also have what is called pork sausage. It is spicy, meaty and juicy at the same time and what makes it even more interesting it’s the fact that it is locally made by highly qualified and well trained chefs.


The restaurant is located just next to Hunters Car Wash in Karen, Nairobi.

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Blazing Pork

Blazing Pork also joins the list of top 10 best pork joints in Nairobi. This restaurant offers one of the best and well-prepared pork at amazingly affordable rates. You can either get your pork in dry fry, wet fry or barbecued which is served with Ugali, kachumbari and vegetables of your choice. The hospitality team is fast and welcoming and the ambiance at the restaurant is quite interesting. The place offers dine-in, takeaway and online delivery options making it quite reliable and convenient. You can also pay using the available till number so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have cash money.


The restaurant is situated in the Nairobi West area.

Pork Spare Ribs Center

Pork Spare Ribs Center is mainly famous for its well-prepared and delicious pork ribs. Many Nairobians flock to this place to enjoy their pork meat which is served alongside ugali and kachumbari. Just adjacent to the restaurant is the Pork Center Bar where you can order your favorite drink and enjoy it with your meal. Some of the different types of pork dishes include the pork fry, honey and ginger pork, sweet and sour pork, honey glazed pork, pork chops and chips, fried pork with ginger and honey, choma rosemary and pork wet fry, pork spare ribs and ugali, honey laced pork, pork steak among other delicious meals.


It is located along the Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary.

Call 0704361129 for more information.

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Spur Steak Ranches

Spur steak Ranch is a classic restaurant that is famous among the Middle and working class Kenyans . The internationally recognized restaurant was first incorporated in 1967 in South Africa and has expanded its wings into the Kenyan market. The restaurant offers one the best pork meat in town and even though their prices are slightly expensive, the experience is definitely worth it. The pork meat is prepared according to the customers preferences by the highly-trained chefs and served by the ever-smiling and welcoming hospitality team. If you love quality foods then this is somewhere you should add at the top of your bucket list.


The restaurant has two branches – one at Two Rivers Mall in Ruaka and the other one at The Hub Mall in Karen.

About Thyme Restaurant

About Thyme is a fancy restaurant that is among the restaurants offering the best pork meat in Nairobi. The restaurant is situated in a serene environment offering a garden dining experience perfect for a date or birthday celebration. The pork chops prepared by the amazing hospitality team is what attracts a lot of people to this premises. If you are a guy who enjoys cool and relaxing environs then this is the place you should be. The restaurant has ample parking as well as tight security so you don’t have to worry about anything while enjoying your pork meat.


It is located along Eldama Ravine Road, Nairobi.

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Osteria Restaurant

Osteria restaurant also joins the list of the best restaurants serving pork meat in Nairobi. This restaurant is mostly frequented by the middle and working class Kenyans who love and appreciate the pork meat prepared by the well-trained chefs. You can either get grilled, wet or dry fried according to your taste and preferences. One notable thing is the captivating and interesting ambiance of the restaurant that provides a romantic environment for a date or meeting. The prices are quite fair and the services are prompt. If you are a genuine pork lover then this should be at the top of your bucket list.


It is located at the Village Market, Gigiri, Nairobi.

Soiree Garden Restaurant

Soiree Garden Restaurant is an amazing and chilled place to enjoy your pork any day anytime. The restaurant is situated in a green environment and offers both indoor and outdoor dining. The place is suitable for family settings, friends meeting or even business meetings since it is usually not overcrowded and provides good privacy. The pork meat is served alongside a huge chunk of Ugali or chips with a side of vegetables or salad according to your preferences. There is enough parking as well as tight security making it one of the best pork meat restaurants in Nairobi.


It is located along Kindaruma road off Ngong Road, Nairobi.

Call 0717127125 for reservations.

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Tamambo Tapas Restaurant

Tamambo Tapas restaurant is a classic restaurant that also provides one of the best pork meats in Nairobi. You can either get it grilled, dry or wet fried according to your tastes and preferences. The restaurant is kind of chilled and relaxed so if you enjoy privacy and cool places then this is the place you should enjoy your pork meat from. The hospitality team is welcoming and their services are quick and reliable. There is a bar on the side of the restaurant where you can order a few drinks to accompany your meal.


It is located at the top floor of Village Market, Nairobi.

The Chairman’s Pork

The Chairman’s Pork is a restaurant that primarily specializes in the preparation of everything pork. Some of the recipes available include grilled pork ribs, seasoned wet fry pork and marinated dry fry pork. The pork meat is served alongside roasted potatoes and a plate of kachumbari and veggies. The restaurant opens every day from 10.00am to 10.00pm. There is enough parking available as well as tight security making it one of the best pork restaurants in Nairobi.


It is located along Hendred avenue Nairobi.

Call 0757138275 for any inquiries.

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Sierra Brasserie

Sierra Brasserie restaurant closes for us the list of top ten best restaurants offering pork meat in Nairobi. This restaurant is quite famous for its well-prepared pork ribs that attracts a large clientele drawn from different backgrounds who come all the way to enjoy the meal. The pork is served alongside fries, mashed potatoes or ugali according to your preferences. If you love and enjoy quality meals then this is one place that I totally recommend.


It is located at Yaya Center along Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi.

Other notable pork joints include Big Square Lavington, Eka hotel, China Plate, Palacina Hotel, for you restaurant, Havana restaurant and Pork Center.