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Viral Kenyan Nanny Rosie Reveals How Leaving Her Own Kids Forced Her To Abandon Plum Job

Kenyan nanny Rosie went viral because of her close bond with two Lebanese children under her care, and now after brief stint working for the Lebanese family, she has decided to quit her job.

She has since returned home for good, and speculation is rife over what could have led to her decision to return yet she had a well- paying job and wonderful employers.

Rosie was on the Obinna Live Show on Monday, July 8, where she set the record straight on the reason behind her permanent return, and to put to rest rumors circulating the online about the same.

She confided that despite her prestigious job, she was distressed by issues at home, particularly because her children had started to distance themselves due to her close relationship with her employers’ children.

“My girl is turning 14. This is an age where a child needs their parents. She used to call me crying, saying she wanted me home. My boys also felt abandoned. It was hard to focus on work when I knew my kids felt neglected,” Rosie said.

It became clear to her that if she continued outworking for the Lebanese family she would have lose her children, especially because she was a single mother and their relationship was being affected due to her absence.

They saw it as if I had another family somewhere. The love was fading. I didn’t have peace. I was crying all the time, seeing my kids crying all the time. I had to choose between my kids or the money,” she stated.

She had to break the news to her employers, and when she told them that she would not be returning, they panicked, wondering if they had wronged her. Rosie then explained that she did not want to miss out on her children growing up while she was away from home.

“No, they didn’t do anything wrong. As much as I needed the money as a single parent, it was the most difficult thing to deal with. I wanted to be with my kids as they became teenagers and learn how things work,” she stated.

Leaving the other children in Lebanon was also as hard, as the bond she had built with them was extremely close, and they viewed her as a second mother. She loved the family until the end of her stay, and she was having tough time readjusting.

“I smiled until the last moment. I never treated their children badly until I came back home. Nobody understands what I go through because I am caught in between. Both sets of children love me as their mother. Dividing this love is hard because they don’t understand and are never satisfied,”she said.

Her situation was unique and difficult, but she stated that she was now focused on raising her children.

“Before you wear the shoes, you won’t know where it pinches. In the end, my kids are my family. The others have their parents. My children only have me,” Rosie said.

The nanny revealed that she is yet to find a job since her return, but she is optimistic that she will soon .She has a dream of starting a home for children  left by their parents who are abroad seeking job opportunities.

Her life experiences with family members have inspired her to put up the institution, as she believes the children left can thrive under the care of individuals who want the best for them despite family ties.