YoungMoney: Inside The Multi-million Houses Of Kenyan Celebrities In Their 20s

Kenyans are increasingly becoming successful at a much younger age. From content creators to entrepreneurs, these young individuals live in posh apartments situated in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi. Some have gone as far as building houses for their parents. 

In this article, WoK takes you inside the multi-million houses of Kenyan Celebrities in their twenties.

Mungai Eve

Mungai Eve is a famous YouTuber, content creator and influencer who came to the limelight through her Youtube channel which has garnered over 526,000 subscribers. On average, she makes Ksh1.5 million per month from her channel and Ksh700,000 on a bad month.

Apart from the Youtube channel, she is the official brand ambassador of betting company – Odibets. In September 2021, the 22 year old together with his boyfriend Trevor, who also doubles up as her video director, moved to a posh apartment situated in the high end suburbs of Kileleshwa.

She couldn’t hide her joy and took her followers on a tour of the two bedroomed house that has a DSQ, an inbuilt cooker and oven among many other facilities.

Eve Mungai In Her Kitchen Photo/Courtesy

Thee Pluto

Thee Pluto is a famous YouTuber, content creator and businessman. He burst into the limelight through his loyalty test videos on his Youtube channel that has amassed over 479,000 subscribers. Apart from content creation, he is the official brand ambassador of betting company – Instabets.

He is also a political consultant known for being instrumental in Wangui B Nganga’s campaigns and owns two real estate companies. The 24 year old recently moved out of his Lavington apartment after living there for only two months.

He invited his friends to visit him during the house warming of the new multi million mansion which has five bedrooms. He however disclosed that he does not own the mansion currently but he is in the process of doing just that.

Inside The Multi-million Houses Of Kenyan Celebrities Who Are In Their Twenties
Thee Pluto Living Room Photo/Courtesy


States is a Kenyan YouTuber, content creator and businessman. The 25 year old was exposed to the limelight through making tiktok and youtube videos with his girlfriend, Hildah Anne. He has since garnered over 162,000 followers on tiktok, 50,000 subscribers on Youtube and over 116,000 followers on instagram.

Apart from content creation, the 25 year old is a renowned businessman owning a car yard, fashion shop and several wines and spirits along Thika road. He lives with his girlfriend in a multimillion five bedroom villa in a gated estate in the outskirts of Nairobi.

States Living Room

Sammyboy Kenya

Sammyboy Kenya is a Kenyan fashion influencer, entrepreneur, forex trader and software engineer. He is the first Kenyan binary trader to develop a trading bot that is 98 percent profitable.

He has since become quite famous with over 314,000 followers on Instagram and 23,000 subscribers on Youtube where he trains and mentors people on matters trading. Apart from forex trading, he owns Coolkidd Connect – a gaming shop located in Safari Business Arcade.

He lives in a modern class three bedroom apartment located in the USIU area. During an exclusive interview with this writer, he revealed that the house comes with 4 parking lots – 2 personal and 2 visitors, and pays a monthly rent of Sh110,000 excluding other amenities such as water and electricity. He also revealed that he built his mother a Ksh 6.4 million 4 bedroom villa in his home village of Kisii.

Sammyboy Kenya Preparing his favorite meal Photo/YouTube

I am Marwa

I am Marwa is a famous Kenyan Youtuber who travels across the world making interesting lifestyle videos. He has over 327,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel and over 117,000 followers on instagram.

The 26 year old has been on a journey of building a multi million mansion in his home village of Isibania right at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. The project which is almost complete is a three floors storey building with a flat roof and glass walls. In one of his videos, he revealed that the project has cost him over 5 million so far.

I used to buy a bag of cement for Ksh 600 and it is now at Ksh 850. I have spent close to 5 million so far and the project isn’t complete,” he said.

I am Marwa house Photo/Courtesy