Boniface Kamau: Bus Driver Who Founded Bonika Crisps, A Thriving Snacks Business

Meet Boniface Kamau Mbugua, the visionary behind Bonika Crisps, a thriving local brand renowned for its delectable potato, yam, sweet potato, banana, and cassava crisps.

Boniface’s journey from a bus driver on the demanding Eldoret, Malaba, and Bungoma route to the helm of a successful crisp empire is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and a deep-rooted belief in the potential of local production.

In this article, WoK looks into hid remarkable journey from being behind the wheels to steering his own successful business empire.

The Road Less Travelled

Boniface’s path to success wasn’t an easy one. Spending countless hours behind the wheel, navigating treacherous roads, and adhering to demanding schedules, he realized that being a bus driver offered little opportunity for personal growth and financial stability.

Determined to change his circumstances, Boniface sought a way out, an avenue that would allow him to chart his own course and create something meaningful.

A Crispy Idea Takes Shape

Inspired by his passion for food and an innate entrepreneurial spirit, Boniface set out to establish a small food outlet. Focusing on one product that he could perfect, he chose to specialize in crisps.

Armed with determination, he poured his heart and soul into crafting irresistible potato crisps that would soon become the foundation of his business.

The Power of Collaboration

Recognizing the importance of collective efforts, Boniface joined a local group called Jikaze, which translates to “empower yourself.” Through this network of like-minded individuals, he found support, guidance, and valuable resources that propelled his entrepreneurial journey forward.

Together, they embraced the culture of microsavings, pooling their resources and knowledge to uplift one another and fuel their dreams.

Expanding Horizons

As Boniface’s small food outlet gained momentum and customer satisfaction grew, he began contemplating the next phase of his business. With careful planning and diligent savings, he acquired a piece of land in Ruiru, a strategic location for expanding his crisp empire.

This marked a significant milestone, as Boniface took a bold step towards solidifying his position in the local food industry.

Sourcing Locally, Impacting Locally

Bonika Crisps stands out not only for its irresistible flavors but also for its commitment to supporting local farmers. Boniface understands the value of homegrown produce and the positive impact it has on local communities.

By sourcing raw materials from small-scale farmers across various regions in Kenya, he not only ensures the freshest ingredients but also contributes to the livelihoods of these hardworking individuals.

Diversification and Quality Control

A relentless pursuit of excellence led Boniface to expand his product line to include a variety of crisps, including yam, sweet potato, banana, and cassava. Each new addition represented an opportunity to experiment with flavors, delighting customers with unique taste experiences.

As the founder and head of quality control, Boniface plays a crucial role in maintaining the highest standards, ensuring that every pack of Bonika Crisps delivers unmatched quality.

Advocating for Local Production

Boniface’s success story goes beyond his personal achievements. He has become a passionate advocate for local production and small businesses. Recognizing the challenges they face, he calls upon the government to provide necessary interventions and subsidies that foster an enabling environment for local entrepreneurs. 

Boniface believes Kenya can unlock its full potential by nurturing homegrown businesses, thereby creating a brighter future for all.