Business Ventures Owned By Juliani And His Wife Lilian

Kenyan rapper and social activist Julius Owino, popularly known as Juliani and his wife Lilian Ng’ang’a, have come out to address rumours that he is broke. The two have had to defend their relationship since publicly coming out as a couple in September last year.

In a recent interview with Nation, Lillian, who is the former Machakos County First Lady said that she was sure Juliani was the man for her, as she got to know him better and on a deeper level. So deep is their love, that they got married earlier this year and even welcomed a baby boy who just turned two months old.

Addressing the rumors of financial incapability, Juliani mentioned that his Tweet appealing for help was just a pun.

“I decided to have fun because some people (blogger Andrew Kibe) had been making fun of me, so I also decided to play along. That (putting out a tweet) is the last thing I would do in such a situation if it came to pass. I have people, a close circle of friends, who have been with me all through my life, who I can call and share such situations with,” he said at the interview.

Unknown to many, the two are both entrepreneurs and can comfortably fund their lifestyle.

According to Juliani, he is a normal Kenyan who does not need much to get by. Speaking on how he makes money, he noted that he gets gigs, consults on creative direction, does business development and performs in a number of concerts.

Dandora Hip Hop City project

Further speaking on how he makes his money, Juliani disclosed that he is five years into a ten-year project he has been working on.

“There is Taka bank which involves creating value around waste. There is My Msanii where we are trying to facilitate creatives like artists to do more music by giving them loans against their songs and so on as well as the Dandora Hip Hop City project,” he explained.

Project management

Lilian, on the other hand, noted that she had been involved in her project management work until May when she had to take a break to take care of her baby.

Earlier in May this year, Lillian won a case against former Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua seeking to push her our of the A&L Hotel’s ownership. The hotel ownership details at the registrar now indicate that both Mutua and Lilian own 2000 shares each.

Shares from the Hotel are another source of income for the couple.